Enigmata Tree House: Artsy Accommodation in Camiguin

July 13, 2014

I arranged our trip in Camiguin last December. I had many options, but I chose the Enigmata Tree House. Just based on the photos online, I thought it would be lovely to stay here.

When we first arrived in Enigmata, I felt the hesitation on my travel buddies. I was the only one giddy. I travel on budget, but I travel to see something different too. A tree house accommodation is a treat.
the tree house
We stayed at the Eagle's Nest Suite, the biggest room. We went to the reception-slash-art gallery, and paid PhP 1350/night for the three of us. 
the art gallery
Let me give you a quick tour of the Eagle's Nest Suite, alright? This is the entrance  and the hammock area. But the entrance of our room is on the other side. Refer to the second photo. 
duyan, baby :P
the entrance to the room
When we entered the room, we immediately see the bed. But the other bed is on the topmost portion of the room.
the bed we slept in
Mark's corner
I enjoyed the duyan night, and if only for the experience, I would recommend staying here. However, we had insect bites. Make sure to bring insect repellent lotions. 

Enigmata Tree House Art Camp
Smart +63 919999877 
Globe +63 9173264474

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