Camiguin, My First Love

July 13, 2014

Camiguin is my first love. Seriously. The White Island is simply beautiful. If only I could stay at the White Island forever. Sigh, beach please!
ready for the White Island :P
On our second day, we went to the White Island. When we reached the island, we rented a big umbrella, and settled on one spot. We had our breakfast by the beach too. Inform Kuya Teddy that you'd like a packed food in the White Island.
beach bumming
I went around the island, and took lotsa photos. I asked someone to take my photos too. Hehe.

And so, while I was busy camwhoring, the two of them were getting their henna tattoo. :P I didn't get one, of course.
henna tattoo session
When the henna dried, they finally joined me in the beach. We found starfishes, hurray. We took few photos, and returned the starfish.  Tell me, these photos are beautiful.
just the two of us, and the beach
fun under the sun
Camiguin, you'd always be my first love. I would never get tired of going back to you.

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