June 01, 2014

I created a blog entry years back on the #26ThingsAboutMe. But it has been almost 3 years and a lot of things have changed. Now that it is already June, and almost my birthday.. let me create another list. :P

1. I love the long hours at the bus. I used this time to think. But I dislike the morning rush hour.

2. I'm scared of failure. But I'm not scared of making mistakes. When we make mistake, we could still make things work on our favour  But failure, failure is the end of our goal; and we have to try again.

3. I dislike rejection.  

4. I love conversations. I love to talk to people who I'm comfortable with.

5. Actions speak louder than words. But word is more definite. 

6. I love dark chocolates and Blue Bunny's Mint Chocolate Ice Cream.

7. I would love to go back in Sydney. 

8. I love the sun, sand and the beach. But I can't swim.

9. I don't mind getting dark after a trip. 

10. I love walking barefoot at the office. 

11. I dislike the situations that I couldn't control.

12. When I'm comfortable on someone, I let my guards down.

13. I dislike profanity. But I curse when I'm mad.

14. I need coffee every morning. When I don't have time for breakfast, I buy hot mocha at Starbucks. I bring instant coffee at the office too. Kopiko is good. 

15. I am not confrontational.

16. I re-read books when I only want to relax. I favour Harry Potter books and Mary Higgins Clark books.

17. I still buy books at the book sales despite having my Kindle for years.

18. I love surprises.

19. It takes a lot for me to let go of someone close to me. This applies to friends. 

20. Patience is not my strength.

21. I love to travel.

22. I want a partner who will go to the off-beaten road with me.

23. I have a thing on people who know me well. This applies to friends too.

24. I keep small circle of friends. 

25. I don't compete with anyone. I compete with myself.

26. I love to eat. But I can't cook. 

27. I'm easy to please. But I don't please people.

28. I hate bullying. Jokes are meant to be fun.

29. I work hard for the things I get, and it's normal to feel proud of our achievements.

The #29ThingsAboutMe, people. I would have listed the 29 things I would want to receive on my birthday though. Hehe. But greet me on my birthday, okay? :P

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