May 03, 2014

Okay, my boss told me that he recommended me for promotion last February. It was funny because the first time he talked to me, I thought he didn't recommend me. But we didn't finish the discussion, and scheduled another one, and that was the time that he told me that he did. It made me happy. But I dislike disappointment. I feel that the negative vibes I had the previous weeks were due to this waiting game. It was only early this week when he told me that I got the promotion. I am seriously happy. But let's not talk about the pay increase, it's a meh. :P

The last time I got a promotion, it was in 2011. It was the same time that I had my certification. I got it only one fiscal year on my career level then. Feeling ko tuloy, ang galing-galing ko. Lols. I know, I'm not that good. I could still learn a lot of things. But I'm always willing to learn. I do not compete with anyone, I just make sure that I meet the expectations I have for myself. So each time, I get my target, it always makes me happy. I just hope that the people around me could be sincerely happy for me too.
The boss has so much expectations from me. Hopefully, I'd do well. But I've been slacking a lot lately. :P

AND I promised myself that I will sponsor another kid in World Vision once I get the promotion. So come July, I'm getting another kid. :) 

** photo from Google

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  1. didn't know. congrats teehhh! genuinely happy for you. promoted na, graduate pa. heehee! labshuuu! :*

  2. Thanks te!! Pakita din pag may time. :P Miss ka na namin. :)


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