May 04, 2014

GRADUATE NA AKO!!#capslockparaintense

I graduated on my masters last 26th of April. I had no plan to attend the ceremony. But got excited the last minute. Hahaha. I searched frantically for a white dress. I had an extra pair of shoes that could go with this event. I told my father about this only a week before the event. 

I took my masters in 2010. I planned to start it the year before but I wasn't so confident during that time. I decided to take it on that year instead, during the time that I was getting restless at work. :P I met a lot of people, and enjoyed their company. I only get to eat at the Maginhawa area with them. :P

We had bowling during our acquaintance party, or a Coke party. :P

We participated in the lantern parade. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the actual parade.
I went to Nueva Ecija with my groupmates for one school work. It was always fun being with them.

I moved to a project on night shift, and that started my ordeal. I had to wake up at 3pm so I could come in at my 6pm class. I had to go to Eastwood for work after my classes. It was the same time that I had some trouble at work, and the same time I got into a relationship. It was a very crazy time.

When I moved to my last project in Accenture, it was at the Fort. I got an INC on one of my subjects, because I failed to come in during my final examination. This was the time I enrolled my thesis subject, and took the comprehensive examination. It was a very busy time at work, and I couldn't focus on studying for the exam, I wasn't able to apply for a leave to review. Luckily, I passed the compre. Thanks to the reviewers that they let me borrowed. I passed the compre, but I couldn't finish my thesis; and they graduated in 2013. I moved to another company, and spent the remaining semester finishing my thesis.

Finally, on the 26th, I graduated.

Tina and Tin went to our graduation. They graduated the previous year. We had dinner at Maginhawa on the same day with my other classmates. :)

Finally. Some things are really worth waiting (and working hard) for. :P

** photos are not mine

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  1. YAY! congrats! :) syempre nagustuhan ko ang kwento mo :)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)