The Petronas Twin Towers and the SkyBar

April 18, 2014

I love John Lloyd Cruz. I started to admire him when I saw him on One More Chance, opposite Bea Alonzo. Of course, I'm not gonna blog about him. But remember the movie, Miss You Like Crazy? Hehe. These lines. Yes, I googled to get them right. :P 

Mia (Bea's character): Alam mo, kapag tinitingnan ko yung Petronas, na-i-imagine ko na para silang magka-holding hands. Minsan nga, nai-imagine ko nag-uusap yung dalawa, eh.
Allan (JL's character): Ano sabi nung isa?
Mia: Masaya ako pag kasama kita..
Allan: Ako din.. sabi nung isang tower!

Yes. Kilig!! I'm a hopeless romantic. Hihi. On my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, it was kinda funny that I only get to see the Petronas Twin Towers on my 4th day. Intense. We went to the Suria KLCC after our lunch and attempted a photograph with the twin towers.
Am I happy or whut? :P
After a couple of shots, we decided to continue our Kuala Lumpur tour. After going through the city, we planned to go to the SkyBar at the L33rd of the Traders Hotel. It offers a wonderful view of the Twin Towers! I asked Karen if we could have another go on the Petronas at Suria, before we headed to the SkyBar. I wanted night shots of the Twin Towers.
We proceeded to the SkyBar and ordered a bottle of wine and a bucket of jalapenos and chicken fingers. Hihi. 
grabbed from their website
I am not a party person, but I must admit that the place screams fab!

We were seated by the window, and we had this stunning view. :P We chit chatted the whole night. Karen was a college friend, she was a co-officer on my Engineering org. She also worked in Accenture, and was deployed on one of my projects, not at the same time though. But that gave us a lot to talk about. :)
Chit chatting with a friend on this stunning view is simply marvelous. Sabi nung isang tower, masaya din ako. :)

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