Box Box Baby

February 02, 2014

Heyah! Guess who's boxing again? :P Me!! Friday is boxing day, para di obvious na walang social life. :P 

I tried boxing last year at Gerry Peñalosa Gym at Eastwood. I bought a pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps in Amazon, and my friend brought it back here in Manila for me. Unfortunately, I quit boxing after the third (or the second?) session. But I've been getting restless lately; I thought that I need a hobby to take my mind off things. I thought of yoga, but I found it very expensive. I might not be able to finance my travels if I get into an expensive hobby. Then, there is badminton. I could join my office friends on their badminton nights, but then, I want a hobby that I could do alone, if the situation calls for it. Finally, I remember that I do have a pair of boxing gloves; I could try boxing again. I told my friend Tin about it, and she told me that she'd love to box again. Apparently, she is a member of Empire Boxing which is a stone's throw away from our office. I also told my other friend, Izel, on one of our conversations about this plan. She was interested to join too. We were supposed to get the membership promotion of P1200 annual fee with four free sessions. But fortunately, I saw a groupon for P140 per boxing session. We bought 12 sessions. :P They do not require that we sign up for membership to use the voucher, but we do have an option to pay only P800 for the annual membership fee with two free boxing sessions. Maybe, after we've used up all the 12 sessions. :P
from their Facebook page
We had our first session two weeks back, and I got scared that my body will not be up for it. But the first session proved to be very enjoyable. I had a go with the jumping rope first, and then we did a lot of exercise routines. I also try the speed ball, which I am not very fond of since I hardly hit it properly. Hehe. I had a go with the punch bag on my second session. But I prefer and love the most is the sorta sparing with my boxing trainer. He usually use the hook and jab pads on our sparing. My boxing trainer is very patient; sometimes, I feel that he is pushing me to try on my limits and I'm glad that I got him now that I'm into boxing again. 

We still have 10 more sessions to go; hopefully I'd continue after the 10 sessions. It's fun way to get fit. 
with my boxing buddies

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  1. Boxing is one of my most favorite hobbies/sports, especially when I feel like destroying something! Haha. Good luck to you!


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