Boracay Paraw Sailing FTW

February 09, 2014

Beach bumming is my favorite in the world. :P So, I only really planned to beach bum on our Boracay trip. On our second day, we decided to go walking in that fine sand from La Carmela to Station 1. Hehe. :P Plus of course, photo op on the side. Who could resist taking pictures on this wonderful place? Not us. :P

We wanted to try the parasailing, but it was expensive and pegged at P1500. They said that they fixed the price at P1500, so no matter who we ask, we won't be able to get a discount. We opted to try the paraw sailing. Another kuya approached us, and offered paraw sailing. We said yes to his offer of P2300 for the three of us. There was an option to pay P300/pax if we sail with other groups. We agreed to do the paraw sailing at 10am, so by that time, we still had an hour to roam around.
We headed to the grotto,and erhm, more photo ops in the big rocks. :P We went to Jonah's while waiting for Kuya; and I tried the Banana Choco Peanut, and liked it.
tagilid-genic :P
Kuya called me, and we were told to meet him for the paraw sailing. Paraw sailing should be the lazy and relaxing way to sail Boracay.. hmm, that's what we thought. :P

Regina sat on one  of the outriggers with Kuya, while I sat with Erlie on the other side.  We were with three Kuyas to help us on this paraw sailing. One kuya was constantly adjusting the sail, the other Kuya was steering the boat, while another one was taking our photos. Hahahahahaha. You know, life is fair. :P I find the kuya steerer very admirable. He looks young, and yet he could control the paraw. Yey to the control freaks in the world. :P
ready for paraw sailing with Erlie
We thought we'd have a relaxing trip, but we had an exhilarating experience. But no, I'm not complaining. This was one of my best experiences in Boracay. :) The waves were crazy that day. Like freaking crazy. Felt like surfing with the waves again. :P I brought my then new mobile phone, and got scared that it might get wet. Good thing, the cheap waterproof case we bought did its job. 

So, one moment we were just sitting there, and trying to admire the view; and then the waves tried to knock us down. Then, we had a calm before another storm; and the waves got mightily crazy again. Then, it was calm again. :P

and then the waves hit us
smiling again, all is well
But, no!
cray-cray again
We had those bipolar moments for three hours! But I love this sort of things. :P But maybe next time, I could paraw sail at sunset. :P Still, I love the thrill and excitement that this activity gave me, FTW baby! :) Make sure to try this activity when you go to Boracay, okay? :)

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