Beach Bumming and Boracay Bucket

February 17, 2014

We only did paraw sailing, and beach bummed a lot. I mean, a lot. :P We went to the Real Coffee and Tea Cafe on our third day. But I did not order the calamansi muffin, I digged in the brownies. 
Then, we went to Station 1, and went looking for a good place to beach bum. Hehe. We found the perfect place near Jony's beach resort. Yey. So we stayed there for hours; and only went for quick dip on the beach for few times. Ang saya lang mag-beach bum. :P

So basically spent our third day beach bumming, and nothing more. Now, I don't have a story to tell. Lols. But we've discovered this sorta new place in Boracay called the Boracay Bucket. We were looking for a place to try, and found this on Instagram.  

Boracay Bucket offers cocktails in a bucket. I find the place very interesting. We ordered our buckets, and sat on the floor. They have this table where guests could play snakes and ladders. Hehe. Hopefully, the business will pick up soon, as we were the only guests that night. 

So after we had our buckets, we went back to La Carmela, and rest. We had to leave early for our flight. I rushed to our reunion when we get back in Manila. :P But awesome laid-back vacation we had in Boracay, my kind of thing. :P 

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