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She picks up her pieces; looking at the brokenness, seeing.  She wanders, always hoping to bump into something more real than the rainbow; and more solid than the universe. Because the universe keeps on sending her messages; but vague. 

She looks at her pieces; and the universe sends her another message. She wanders; not finding anything but the vague scent of the night. She frowns; maybe the universe believes that she is not his equal. 

Not his equal. She looks away; not this time. She looks at the stars, and see herself; fragile but almost whole. She, who does not believe in happy ever after anymore, hopes that the universe will prove her otherwise. 

But the universe slips into series of uncertainties; taunting her. She needs something more solid than the universe. She looks at her light; she could do with her own this time.

* not my style, testing lang ❤️


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Parliament House in Canberra

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Our last stop in Canberra was the Parliament House. It was a quick stop, but fun nonetheless. In going to the Parliament House, one has the opportunity to visit the House of Representatives and the Senate chambers. Our things were inspected before we were allowed to get in.
the grounds

This was the first time that I ever visited a House of Representatives chamber, I guess it would be interesting to visit our own chambers while in session. I think, I love the idea. :)

We only went around the Parliament House, and proceeded at the roof. This was where we saw the 81-metre high flagmast which is considered as one of the largest steel structures in the world.
I like this photo!
We stayed at the Queen's Terrace Cafe for our coffee fix, and waited for our bus schedule going back to Sydney. By the way, here's a photo of me in front of the Parliament House.
chubbs! :P


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War Memorial in Canberra

November 24, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

Since we were already in Canberra for the Floriade, we decided to explore the city. Divine brought us in the Australian War Memorial. The museum commemorates the contributions and sacrifices of the Australians during wars. This is a huge place, if you could see the maps below that I grabbed from their website, the museum showcases almost every single event in history. 

The Aircraft Hall displays various aircraft used throughout history.

The Anzac Hall displays the spectacularly large objects in the museum; and provides sound and light shows every hour. We didn't stay to watch the scheduled screening at that time though.

The Discovery Zone, on the other hand, is the educational space of the museum wherein the visiting guests can try the feel of the objects; and children can jump or crawl on military environments created in that area.
Look at that cute kid!
The area for the Conflicts 1945 to today showcases the Australian war history using modern technologies.
If you're a history buff, I think you'd like a visit on this museum, it tells a lot of fascinating stories. I used to be a history buff (Philippine history lang :P), but strayed away big time. So there. 


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Flower Power in Canberra

November 09, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

We booked a bus for our Canberra trip on the 28th of September. I was supposed to go on the second week of October, but since Chryss wanted to go too and she had to leave on the first week of October, I opted for the last weekend of September. Okay na din na may kasama ako di ba? :) We paid A$64 each on our Murrays booking. We almost didn't make it, because we just got back from our Saturday pasyal, and had to prep our things pa and went to the Central station. We were the last passengers to get there. We got to Canberra at 10.30pm, and my friend, Divine, was waiting for us. We spent the night on her place.

We left her place early so we could secure a good parking spot for the Floriade, the Tulip Festival. People, even from the nearby cities, troop the Floriade every year. We took our breakfast in the car, and decided to stroll a bit since we were way too early for the event. :P We saw the Captain Cook Memorial Globe too. But got distracted immediately with something that looks a lot the one that we'd really would have wanted to see - cherry blossoms!
such a lookie
The Floriade is the largest floral festival on that side of the planet. The theme for this year's event was Beautiful Innovation. When we entered the place, I got giddy on the beautiful flowers. Flowers everywhere, baby! :)
red is love
me so cute with beautiful flowers lol
OOTD lang. :P
I used to love white roses (not that these are roses).
wonderful garden beds
my favorite of the lot
It took us a little more than an hour to go and check the place. I love flowers, even though I'd always choose letters over flowers, flowers as beautiful as these have special spot in my heart. Naks! I enjoyed the Floriade despite the heat, and it's more likely now that I'd visit our very own Panagbenga one February. :)


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Manly Surprises!

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We thought we won't have time to visit the Manly Beach, but since we availed the A$63 promo for the Sydney attractions, we needed to make time to go and see it. The Manly Sea Life Sanctuary is one of the five attractions. I also thought that the ferry fare was cheaper than the bus fare. But I was wrong, I paid around A$14.40 for a return trip. Despite paying that much, the wifi on board made me feel better. :P
inside the ferry
There were people sunbathing in the wharf area on that day. Hehe.
at the port
It was the Manly Artists Market event for the Manly Arts Festival that art stuff lined the street.
art for sale
We then proceeded to the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary which was hundred steps away from the wharf. Our first stop was the Underwater Sydney area,we saw different fish species. 
Don't mind us. We can fade in the background. :P
Find the Anemone fish!
There's also a rockpool where there are crabs and other species that visitors can actually touch.
medyo eerie feeling when I touched them
We proceeded in the Penguin Cove, and saw Little Penguins.
cute little penguins
Syempre, last but not the least, we went to the Shark Harbour, and had photo op with the shark. :P

After the visit in the Sea Life sanctuary, we went around the beach area and found a place to get our lunch. We ordered fish and chips; and ate near the beach. The take-away price is a little cheaper. :P
However, the beach was very crowded on that day so we decided to leave few minutes later.
super crowded
It was very hot that day, so we gave ourselves a treat at Ben & Jerry's. I tried their chocolate shake, and the A$6.50 was worth every dollar. :P 
But did you know what's the best part of this trip? No,not the chocolate shake, but that's close. :P In the ferry, one has an awesome, unobstructed view of the bridge and the Sydney Opera House! I only realized that once we were in the ferry going to Manly Beach, but we sat inside and failed to score good shots. So on our way back to the Circular Quay, we made sure to sit outside and choose the best spots.
I say unobstructed! :P
But I think, this got to be my best shot of the opera house! :P


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It's a Snow World!

November 02, 2013 Tsina 2 Comments

Going to Snowy Mountains was not really part of my Australia itinerary. But really, I don't think that I'd ever say NO to snow? Like never. We were just talking about going to the Blue Mountains when the topic of the Snowy Mountains came up. They said that despite being in Sydney for a long time, they'd never been to the Snowy Mountains. It's a good 6-hr drive, parang Baguio lang. :) So just like that, they've decided that we could pay it a visit on my first weekend. 

But remember that on the Saturday of that same weekend, we went to Bondi Beach and the Sydney Tower? I just didn't mention but we also went outlet shopping in the morning of that same day. Ang haggard lang! So right after going to the Sydney Tower, we went back to our serviced apartment to change and pack our things for the trip. We then went ahead to my Tita's house, and went to her brother's house. Aside from my Tita, Chryss, and me, my Tita's brother's family went with us. We stayed in Troldhaugen Lodge to sleep for few hours before we headed to the Perisher Valley Ski Resort. 

We changed, or rather added more layers of clothing, in the parking area. Hehe. It was so cold.
not outfit ready :P
Cutie Sydney is ready though! :)
We rented recreational ski, poles and boots; and paid A$54 for the afternoon. We also rented gloves for A$7. When we went to get the ski, the woman adjusted it to fit the boots size. 

I looked twice my size, and the boots made walking tremendously difficult. But heck, skiing baby. :P

Let's get it on!
I know that I'm really happy and excited when I smile like this! :)
So we tried to ski, and you know I'm so good in trying out things, but hardly that I become very good at it. :P But who cares, right? At least, once in my life, I got to ski. :) By the way, guess what happened next on this photo below? I won't tell. :P
skiing :P
After an hour or so of trying to ski, we decided to stop and fool around a bit. You could be a kid anytime! :P
My smile says - SNOW. HIHI.
with Chryss
Photobombers! HMP.

Oh by the way, it snowed when we were there! I just hope that I was smart enough to video it. Sayang. I was overwhelmed with the snow that it didn't cross my mind. :S
This trip to the Snowy Mountains made me realized something - that I limit myself. A snow experience never made it on my bucket list. Although, it's one of my unspoken dreams, maybe? When I'm doing my bucket list, I always consider listing down the things that I know are achievable. The snow experience is hardly something that I categorize as achievable. But heck, life surprises us when we least expect it. Maybe, I need to trust myself that I could achieve more than I thought I could. 

For this wonderful experience, thanks to these people! :)


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