Bondi Bonding

September 30, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

We went to Bondi beach last weekend. I was with Divine, Chryss, Howell, and Benjo. I've been to a lot of beautiful beaches in the Philippines that I don't really get impressed easily. The beach is far from being on top of my list, but Bondi beach is a good one too. People will just lay in the sand, or surf in the waves. Haha. 
Bondi beach
the surfer dude :P
I find Sydney very cold, so I tried to test the water and see how could these guys can swim, or surf. Hehe. Kaya naman! We didn't swim though.
Parang ang saya ko naman dito!! 
We stayed for few hours before we decided to go back in the city. Chryss and I still had a Sydney Tower to go to on that same day. :P We also tried first the fresh from the sea fish and chips, and the famous deep fried Mars bar. 
Chryss and Divine
Oooh, we had photo ops too, and this is my favorite picture on this trip. Hehe. :P I feel that this picture shows the fun I'm having in exploring the world. With shoes on, or even without, I'm up to it. :)

We went to Manly beach the following weekend (which means last weekend), but that would be another story. :P


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September 30, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

I've been eyeing to get a Pandora for the longest time. When Kit's girlfriend was still in the US, I ordered online in Bloomingdales with the wonderful idea of having it shipped to her. Pandora is cheaper in the US.Unfortunately, I can't used my Philippine card.

Pandora got a promo last September 19-22, for every $100 spent on charms, one could get the traditional barrel clasp bracelet, or the new Pandora bangle for free!! I messaged my friend Silina to get me the charms. She bought my Kindle and external hdd for me too. Bait niya. Hihi.I told her to get me a star charm, a travel charm and a heart charm. She vibed me the photo of my Pandora. :)
Ganda niya, di ba? :)
I chose the star charm to represent my goals, and dreams. I got the travel charm to represent my wanderlust nature, and the heart charm because I have so much love in my heart. May meaning, di ba? Lol. 

Now, I'm eyeing to get this graduation charm, if and only if, I'll graduate this school year. :S


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September 26, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

I feel bad when I'm not appreciated. I feel terrible when people I love keep on forgetting the little things about me. When someone admitted that he couldn't be proud of me, I cried. When someone left, she carried with her that fairytale dream. 

I admit, I'm not always the optimistic girl who laughs at herself. I beat myself up, all the time. It took me a year to convince myself that I can take my masters. I worry a lot when I need to take important exams. When I meet someone new, I hardly talk. I feel that I don't have anything interesting to say. I just always have this nagging feeling that I won't be good enough on anything .. or for anyone. If I had to fight a boggart, I might need to fight myself.

Sometimes, I need a lot of convincing that I'm doing okay, and that I'm actually a wonderful person. When they say that actions speak louder than words, I still cling to words. 

I was being childish this afternoon, and then I blurted to my teammate that I might be seen just that - very playful. At the back of my mind, I was thinking that I might be seen unfit for my role. I said that perhaps, I need to change. But he said, "No, no, no, you are great." Just like that, he told me the best thing that someone ever said to me. 

I honestly feel happy on what he said. This is the side that only few people know about. Naiinsecure din ako. Hahaha. But I'll always be that bubbly, moody person to the world. Secret lang natin ito ha! :)


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Getting Lost in Sydney

September 18, 2013 Tsina 1 Comments

I didn't know that I'm THIS bad at direction! I've been getting lost around Sydney CBD since this Monday. Lol. Well, everything looks the same. HAHAHAHA!

We got here in Sydney last Sunday morning. I was with Chryss, and I'm sharing the apartment with her until the first week of October. My Tita met with us in the serviced apartment. We had rest for awhile, and then went to the nearby cafeteria for a breakfast, her treat. Hahaha. 
with Tita Eden
Since we didn't have plans on that day. We decided to just walk around the city. I like the vibe of the city, it feels like a mix of the old and modern culture. I love the vintage feel!
Queen Victoria Building
with Chryss
We went to Cotton On and I was able to score a blazer, two tops, and two pairs of slippers all for $42. Sulit. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be shopping on my first day in Sydney. But I brought lots of goodies that I had to leave lots of my clothes to accommodate them. Echuses. :P

We also went to the supermarket, and bought few stuff. My Tita invited us for a buffet dinner at Star Buffet in Bankstown, her treat again. :P We had to walk from Chatswood to Roseville (her place) for 30-45 minutes though! We had to meet her brother and his family, and my cousin who I met for the first time. Hehe. The dinner was worth the trouble. :)

On my first day at work, Chryss accompanied me to the office because I have no data. and no phone. My phone is Globe locked, and the Optus sim won't work on it. I met my Sydney team. I had lunch with them, but the welcome lunch is on Friday pa. :P My senior manager treated me coffee. I left the office at 5pm, and it was raining hard that I got lost. I had no way to contact anyone, so I just walked and walked and was even surprise that I was in front of our building. :D

The following morning, I made a wrong turn, and ended up going to the QVB and had to ask around to get to the office. Sigh. I treated myself with a coffee. Lol. We're getting coffee everyday. Looks like they need coffee to start their day, I don't mind. :)) Coffee is around $3.80.

Last night, I went around the city, and checked for whatever I could get so I'll have a data. I was debating on getting a phone, a tablet, or a pocket wifi. I didn't get any last night because it wasn't on my budget, I couldn't convince myself to get one. Hahaha. But tonight, I finally bought a pocket wifi with free 5gb of data, Hopefully, it would last a month. I would have gotten a phone, but I realized that I need the pocket wifi too so I could work on my thesis. But not tonight, okay? :P

I was turista mode tonight, and took lotsa pictures. Looks like some of the people here do art, or sing in public for a living. 
art for a living
I was thinking on my way home that I didn't get lost today. But then, I realized that I ended up going to the Darling Harbour rather than our apartment. Shame on me! The one good thing though is I was able to get a glimpse of Darling Harbour and the nightscape. I am fan of amazing nightscapes. 

This Saturday, we'd be going to the Sydney Tower. They have a promotion of $63 for five attractions. On Sunday, we might go to the Snowy Mountain. Not sure if this would push through though. I hope so. :)


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September 13, 2013 Tsina 1 Comments

My flight's on Saturday. I'm excited, and scared at the same time. It's a normal feeling, right? No one's going to drive me to the airport. Kawawa. Volunteers? Lol. 

This is the second time that I'm sent out of the country for a training. I did well in Singapore, hopefully I'll do well in Sydney. 

My Tita arranged a weekend outing in Port Macquarie. I googled and found out that the Koala Hospital is located there. Should be an interesting weekend. I'm off to Canberra on another weekend for the Floriade. Still deciding on which weekend to go. But I can't visit Cowra for the Sakura Matsuri because the place is far and looks inaccessible. Sadness! I might not do the Bridge Climb because it's too expensive. But aside from that, I'll try to do as much activities as I could. I found free tours too, awesome! But there is no free chocolate walking tour. If I could manage, I'll just print the itinerary online and do a DIY chocolate walking tour. 

Unfortunately, I might need to work on my thesis while I'm on Sydney. I'm scared that I won't be able to finish it. Ugh.


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Travel Update

September 01, 2013 Tsina 2 Comments

Okay, maybe I could already spill it. I'm going to Australia in two weeks time!! Woot woot!I'll be staying there for five weeks, so that should be enough time to visit lots of places! I'm super excited. :) Maybe, when I have extra time, I'll list down all the places that I'll visit. MUST NOT MISS A GOOD ONE! :D

My Tita said she'll schedule a weekend trip with her family. Yey. Plus, my friend invited me to attend the Tulip Festival on the first week of October. Love it. :)

Then, remember we'll be going to Dumaguete this November. Still thinking on whether to visit the Apo Island as well. Originally, we're only planning to go to Siquijor. But let's see, I'll be doing the itinerary on the next days. I have two days alone time on this trip, I haven't decided where to go yet on those days. Hehe. Plus, I have Bacolod this December. My friend wants to go to Guimaras as well.

By January, I will be going to Malaysia. I will surely won't miss Legoland and Hello Kitty Town. I'm going back to Boracay on February with my college friends.Here's to hoping that I won't miss parasailing this time!

Plus, I'll be going to Hong Kong Disneyland on my birthday. Sweet. :)

Maybe, I should start a travel fund, right? Else I'd end up broke. :)


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