Happy 5th!!

July 28, 2013 Tsina 1 Comments

I started today five years ago in Accenture. I attended the two-day new joiners orientation, and on the second day, I was told that I'll be on the Testing capability. When you're a fresh grad, you have no choice but to trust that the HR would put you on the right track. I thought they did. :)

I was on bench for four freaking months, and it was recession during that time. People were being let go. I got scared that I'd leave the company then. But December on that same year, I got rolled in to my first project - Synergy. I spent around three months here, and I got rolled off. I was on bench again for two weeks when my project manager decided to take me back. I was on this project for around two years. This was the project I love the most. My project manager used to tease me that I was his favorite tester. I used to tell him that wasn't true because he gave me a not-so-good rating once. :P But he promoted me twice! I also still go out with my teammates. I cried few times in this project, (1) when I did a boring task, (2) when I wasn't promoted during the recession year (I don't know why I cried because everyone else wasn't promoted too!)

My second project was on night shift. This was the time that I had the promotion, and I passed the certification. I thought I should be doing something else, rather than work as support (Tier 1). If I compare the number of times I cry at work, this would win, hands down! Lol. Despite that, I met friends here and we still go out whenever we have a chance. We also WhatsApp a lot. :)

I stayed at night shift for 11 months, and then I got rolled in to my third (and last) project. I was a little scared that I won't do well because I wasn't been doing any testing for the eleven months prior. But I guess, I did well. I was sent to Singapore for training, and my managers were very supportive of my career. Unfortunately, the project ended after being extended for few times. I went back to bench on December, and then I resigned. 

I started on my new work this January, and I'm enjoying all the ups and downs of it.

Five years ago, I started my journey in the corporate world. I'm still on it. I'm looking forward to many opportunities and friendships to come. Please, no more tears! Lol.


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July 21, 2013 Tsina 1 Comments

I'm not the best person to talk about failed relationships especially if you don't want to hear harsh words.

My friend of 11 years just had his heart broken. We were exchanging messages today, and he told me that they're still seeing each other and I told him to move on and find something else to focus on. He replied, saying I should try to understand him, and he wouldn't like to get harsh words from me at this time. Fine.

I have another friend who also broke up with her boyfriend,and been SMS-ing me like crazy. She's okay most of the time, but she'd oftentimes tells me that she hears about the ex, and it hurts her like crazy. Like, why are you still checking on him?

Another friend of mine told me not be harsh on them, and of all people, it should be me who'd understand. I know it's difficult. I've been there. But the thing is, I've been there and I don't want them to experience the same thing just because they'd want to stay in that stage. The most difficult is the transition from denial to acceptance. The acceptance that it didn't work, despite the fact that you gave your best, and you love this other person, flaws and all.

I am not proud on how I handled the healing process. It was messy. I drunk a lot, I cried a lot. My phone bills shot up. I called friends to tell them the same things over and over again. I got the same advice over and over again. 

One day, I realized that I don't want to drink anymore. I don't want to spend my time waiting for it to be better. I don't want to belittle myself. I have enough of BS to last me a lifetime. I don't even want to talk about him anymore.

I'm sure they'll get to that breaking point. I hope it won't be the same as to what I had. Think, how could you meet the one if you're stuck on the past? It's not about him anymore, or about the failed relationship. But it's about yourself, it's about how you see yourself. You had a good story, but it ended. So move on, and don't put the blame on yourself. Think that you're a wonderful person, and you're sorry it didn't work out. But that's it. Continue to be a wonderful person.

So if my friends, dial my number again, or send me SMS again, they'd better be ready for the harsh words.You'd better listen to the Script instead, or Adele maybe?

Fine, I'd be a good friend, and join them for a drink. :P


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July 15, 2013 Tsina 2 Comments

She stares at him, wondering as to when the wind can close the gap between them. Maybe tomorrow, when the strength of the sun is enough to break the ice. Perhaps on the next days, when the star can shine enough to light the path for him.

No, she could not step on the line this time. She wants something solid. She's scared of another black hole. 

She stares at him, and to the space between them. No matter how much she ignores it, there is a large gap between them that she's not willing to cross. 

She stares at him, wondering as to when the wind can close the gap between them. He, as always, is unaware to the internal struggle around him.

She then walks away.


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July 14, 2013 Tsina 1 Comments

I did some housekeeping on my blog. Hihi. I browsed Apple's blog, and got little ashamed. HAHA. Her blog layout looks a whole lot better. Sorry na. I was forced to Google a layout, and found this one, very minimalist. I just made a back up, and uploaded the new template. Voila. But I spent so much of my time removing the jump after the break stuff I put on some of my entries. I removed some widgets too. I had a chance to go through my entries from 2007 until today. Natatawa ako. I was very jologs at madrama then (even until today). But I think I'm lot more cautious now. May mga hit and miss pa din ang grammar ko. I actually blog to improve my English. Plus I think I am getting better on my budget travel entries. 

I've been blogging for six years already. Gosh. I blogged on Friendster too. But if my entries now are jologs, that's nothing compared to my Friendster entries. HAHAHA.

By the way, I like my new layout now. I just couldn't make the threaded comments to work. I tried some steps online but it is ruining my template. Saka na nga lang.


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Day 4: Ciao Boracay

July 14, 2013 Tsina 1 Comments

I didn't get to do anything on my fourth day since my flight was a little too early. I had to travel pa going to Kalibo. After I had my breakfast, I checked out of the hotel. I went to Tambisaan port instead of the Cagban Port. I paid PhP 20 for the terminal fee. I paid another PhP 200 for the boat and van.
We waited at the van, and I got worried that I won't reach the airport on time. It was almost 10am, and my flight was at 12nn and we were still waiting for one passenger. I decided to pay for that slot. It would save me a lot of money as compared to booking another flight. 

Fortunately, I got to the airport on time. I got a little irritated when there was no one in the Zest Air counter. They called the staff, and then I checked in. We waited a little over 30 minutes before boarding the plane, and we waited for a little over an hour before we left Kalibo due to the air traffic. I reached Manila at around 3pm, and then I went to watch Man of Steel with my officemates. :P

So there, that's my first ever solo trip in Boracay. Let me share my expenses.

I spent PhP 7763.64 for this trip plus food. No pasalubong. :P If you want to check my Boracay adventures, feel free.

I arrived late in the afternoon so I chose to spend my time at the Punta Bunga beach which is just few minutes away from the resort.

Day 1: Boracay Firsts and the Punta Bunga Beach

I went to Puka Beach the next day, my most favorite place in Boracay.
Day 2: Puka Beach Love

I moved to Crown Regency Prince Resort which was my accomodation for the next two days. I also spent my afternoon at the White Beach.
Still at Day 2: White Beach

I was more comfy alone on my Day 3, and enjoyed beach bumming more by this time. 
Day 3: Boracay Beach Fun

Okay, that's all for my Boracay trip. Don't try to find my travel buddy, because I was alone, k? My teammate still won't believe me that I went to Boracay alone. Bahala siya. :P Basta, I had fun. :D


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July 13, 2013 Tsina 4 Comments

We booked a Boracay trip on February next year. Tagal pa. I'd be with my college friends this time, siguro naman I'd be able to parasail na. I'm excited. :)

Kilig to the highest level yesterday, I was able to finally book a trip to Hong Kong next year. It would be on my birthday! PhP 2800 lang RT na. :) Thanks Cebu Pacific!! :)

So just in case you're interested to know how I am able to score promo tickets, well it's because of this iOS app. I frequent PhilMug forum, lurker lang, and then I've got to know of this iOS app that would notify you of seat sales from Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, Zest Air, Tiger Airways and Air Asia. I don't like the user interface, but it's kinda doing it's job well. :P  Try to download Airlines Promo app. It's free, by the way. :)

There is another iOS app that would help you check the airfare on various airlines on specified dates. If there are multiple seat sales, I used this to check on which dates I could score a great deal. Try Skyscanner. It has great UI, too. :)

Now these trips make me kilig. HAHAHAHA. 


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July 06, 2013 Tsina 1 Comments

I deactivated my Facebook account yet again. I have a Facebook-less life for a week already. :D 

But my Instagram is public again. Well, it has always been public, except for few times I put it on private. No drool-worthy pictures still, though. 

My twitter's public din. My friend tweeted that he'd try to make his account available to public, and I tweeted back and said that I'd do the same. Since my life is just pretty good right now, I don't need to rant, hence no need to keep it private. Lol. I have 11,446 tweets this very minute, hahahahaha! I tweet nonsensical things. :P

My Pinterest is public forever. :P But my Google Plus is private forever. I'm all over the web. I blog a lot nowadays. People might not be interested to talk to me in person anymore. HAHAHAHA.  It's amusing though that I hardly share the same things on my social networking accounts. I have that much to say, I guess. Lol.

I'm all over the web, so it's BS when someone says that they don't know how to reach me. BS. 


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How's my Vision Board, Baby?

July 06, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

Lol, so we're on the second half of 2013, let me share my progress on the vision board. Hihi. :P
Click to enlarge!
Okay, my Dell laptop battery is still busted, which means that I haven't had time to get a replacement. :P I still don't have the HP books because they're freaking expensive, I'll buy it when I have a new bookshelf. Wahahahaha! :P The MK bag and the LV bag are still on the list. Why do LV bags have to be so freaking expensive? :P Poor poor me. 

I haven't had time to go to visit Magalawa and Ilocos. Gusto ko pa naman mag-sand surfing. :P I'm not so sure where to squeeze in the Hongkong trip because my November to January were all booked for now. :S

I don't have the sablay yet, and I should be doing the thesis now. Oh, kill me now. :S

So those are things that I have not accomplished yet. Except for the sablay, which would make me prolly cry if I don't finish the thesis, these are the small stuff. I'd be fine if I don't get them. Hehe. 

But hey, I have started on the things that really matter. No, I'm not talking about the Technomarine watch. :P But yes, I have the Technomarine Cruise Beach now (I returned it, the chronos are not working, and I got my refund). I also have the Seagate portable drive. 

I also started my World Vision child sponsorship. I've got one girl. I started my small savings (which is really small). Shame on me.

I've been to Boracay alone this June. :)

I've got the family a new house too. Well, technically, we might move here on the next two years the minimum because I'm still paying the down payment  So if you're following me on Pinterest, this is why the Dream House board is very active nowadays. I'm a happy kid. 

So suddenly, everything else might be set aside on the next months (or years) because of my new priority. ;) But I'm happy, really. 

My progress on the vision board looks awesome, right? :)


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Day 3: Boracay Beach Fun

July 02, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

I woke up a little late on my third day. I hurriedly prep myself and went down for my free breakfast. I ordered longganisa, and had the other one packed, I had free breakfast for two. :P
breakfast area
I left the packed one at the room, and went to the beach. :)
Cute ko. Echos. :P
I was a little more comfy alone during this time. I just brought the camera with me, and went to the farthest part of Station 1. Lol. :P
I planned to try parasailing on this day. I was looking for a good price because I had to pay PhP 1500 since I was alone. Lucky me, I found someone that offered me PhP 1200. I told him, that I'll get back at him after lunch. I wasn't sure what I was thinking that I went walking from Station 1 to Station 3. Hehe. Turista mode. :P
But I went back at the hotel for my lunch. Dyaaaraan, the packed breakfast. Sayang kasi. :P Unfortunately, when I went back at the beach for my parasailing, the wind was crazy. We checked if we could go ahead with the activity,unfortunately we can't. :S 
I went back at my room, but decided to go to Real Coffee. No more calamansi muffin that afternoon, so I ordered the brownies and the coffee. The brownies were equally good. I already tried the calamansi muffin before because my manager on my previous project bought some for us.
Real Coffee
I went back at the beach despite the crazy waves. I won against the bed weather. :P
Bring it on!

I stayed at the beach until around 7pm. I met Kuya Jay who was selling me a wood carving. I wasn't really planning to buy, but after his nth time pangungulit, I gave in. 

On my way back to the hotel, I saw these kids doing the I love Boracay sand carving. At medyo na-amaze ako ng bahagya. :)

I stayed at my room on the third night eating the remaining pizza. Kuripot mode. :D Pinanindigan ko ang pagiging good girl. Lol.


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