The Three Sisters and the Blue Mountains

December 31, 2013

I DIY-ed on Blue Mountains. It was very exhausting. When I told my Sydney teammates about it, they we're like woah. Howell told me that he did a DIY so I thought I could manage to do it that way as well. If he could do it, I can do it as well. I wasn't very good on directions. But I managed to get to the Blue Mountains. I took the train from the Central station to Katoomba station; it took me two hours to reach Katoomba station. I paid around A$20 for a roundtrip ticket. You can opt for a Blue Mountain Explorer ticket though. 

When I reached the Katoomba station, I had to walk around 2.5km to get to the Echo Point. I was debating on getting the explorer the last minute, but I told myself that I already walked that far. The view on the Echo Point is worth the trouble.
Echo Point Lookout
Blue Mountains
The Three Sisters and me
After staying for few minutes in the lookout, I went to the Prince Henry Cliff Walk to go to the top of the giant stairway which was another half an hour walk for me.
The lookout provides another view of the Three Sisters. I would have wanted to go down the bottom of the giant stairway, but I decided not to because I felt that I wasn't fit enough. I took my late lunch right after I went back to the Echo Point, and ate at the Three Sisters Cafe which provides amazing view of the Blue Mountains. Unfortunately, I lost some of my photos when my iPhone died weeks ago. :S
Three Sisters Cafe photo from Weekend Notes
I was supposed to try the Scenic World, but it was already late in the afternoon, and I was really tired at that moment. It was actually the Scenic World that I was dying to try. I really regret missing that one. :S I crawled, I mean walked, another 2.5km back to the Katoomba station and went back in the city.

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