Oscars Peg of the Year-End Party

December 15, 2013

I didn't intend to join the company year-end party. I dislike dressing up. I can't do my make up, I don't wear heels. It would be a lot of trouble for me to even show up. Lols. So that was why I didn't register for the event, I was still in Sydney during the registration period. It would be a good excuse, I thought. :P So I didn't register, and was hoping that my bosses won't ask me about it. 

But everyone signed up, and I really thought that it would be fun. But I still couldn't convince myself. Arte much. :P But Kit told them that I tried on few dresses at The Ramp, hahahahahaha! I'm starting to think that I couldn't trust him. Lols. 

This last week proved to be very toxic, I only have coffee for breakfast, and forced myself to come to work on the last few days. Gosh. My phone decided to act up pa, and got stuck on the Apple logo on Thursday night. Things were bad this last week. Ara said that the party could be a good breather for me. Friday morning came, Elsie asked me if I wanted to join the party, and she'll give up her slot. I didn't bring any, not a dress, not a pair of shoes. But I agreed. Tin said she brought extra dress and shoes. Ara said that she would do my hair. I saw the dress at the late afternoon, and glad that it fitted me. The shoes fitted well too. Although I can't walk that well. It's always difficult for me to wear heels. :S At 4pm, Ara started on my hair. I super love the curls. Maybe I could get a curl next year. :P Oui did my make up, and Tin did my lips. HAHAHA. Gosh, I know that I always have the best teammates. :)

Miko brought her camera, and we had been photo-oping the entire night. We watched the program, but I wasn't really sure if our house won. Hehe. The plus point for the night was that they were serving our food, I don't think I could stand walking around with the shoes. My feet were already hurting like crazy an hour before we went home.
silver-y night
the Miko pose
with the boys
the Sheena pose :P
the team
Oh, I only had two glasses of wine, and a glass of beer, and I felt weird already. I think, I'm getting old. :P It was a fun night for me though, and enjoyed every bits of it with my teammates. :)

* Thanks Miko for the photos!

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