A Note For Christmas

December 26, 2013

My iPhone died two weeks ago. Funny that it was right after I tweeted "Hoping to get lucky on Friday the 13th." Like seriously. I didn't try to get a mobile phone for a week, then my friend lent me her basic phone. For some reason, the display went off after using it for few hours. Sigh. So I've decided to get the basic Samsung phone.

My officemates were telling me to get a new smartphone. I didn't really plan to get a new one this Christmas. But I have a data plan, so it would be of no use if I keep using that mobile phone. I decided to drop by Globe at Glorietta, and asked for a retention. The rep told me that I still have a month on my plan, so I decided to pay the pre-termination fee. I was debating on getting the iPhone 5S and the Note 3. I have always been an Apple fan, and love my iPhone to the bones. It's easy to use. It has stable mobile ecosystem. I have all the things I need in the App store. Plus it has the premium feel. 

I always find the Android very complex. I heard, it lags. Whenever I borrowed my friend's mobile phone, I always end up irritated because I can't navigate my way to what I want to do. But I decided to give the Note 3 a try.

I've been using my Note for a week already. I can say that I am happy with it. I am seriously enjoying the S Pen. I used to hate Android because I thought you can't organize the apps into folders, but I was wrong. I like it that the photos are automatically moved to the respective albums. When you take a picture, it goes to Camera album, when I save a pin on Pinterest, it goes to the Pins album. This is one of the things I dislike on iOS, but I love on Android. I'm getting used to the big screen. One of the reasons that I love browsing on my iPad is the big screen,which I totally enjoy doing on my Note 3. There are still many things that I have to explore on my Note though. I still don't know a lot of things, and I've been constantly messaging my Android-user friends for info. I know, may Google na. :P
I've got my iPhone two years ago for Christmas too.I've got the Note for Christmas this year. Oh wait, I'm on a long break too. :P I've been on leave since the 21st and I'll be spending my days here at home til I get back to work on the 6th of January. Hmm, that's actually not totally true because I'll be leaving tonight for Baler with my officemates. I'll spend the New Year's eve with the family, and then off to Boracay on the 1st. It should be the best way to start an awesome year. :P

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