War Memorial in Canberra

November 24, 2013

Since we were already in Canberra for the Floriade, we decided to explore the city. Divine brought us in the Australian War Memorial. The museum commemorates the contributions and sacrifices of the Australians during wars. This is a huge place, if you could see the maps below that I grabbed from their website, the museum showcases almost every single event in history. 

The Aircraft Hall displays various aircraft used throughout history.

The Anzac Hall displays the spectacularly large objects in the museum; and provides sound and light shows every hour. We didn't stay to watch the scheduled screening at that time though.

The Discovery Zone, on the other hand, is the educational space of the museum wherein the visiting guests can try the feel of the objects; and children can jump or crawl on military environments created in that area.
Look at that cute kid!
The area for the Conflicts 1945 to today showcases the Australian war history using modern technologies.
If you're a history buff, I think you'd like a visit on this museum, it tells a lot of fascinating stories. I used to be a history buff (Philippine history lang :P), but strayed away big time. So there. 

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