Parliament House in Canberra

November 25, 2013

Our last stop in Canberra was the Parliament House. It was a quick stop, but fun nonetheless. In going to the Parliament House, one has the opportunity to visit the House of Representatives and the Senate chambers. Our things were inspected before we were allowed to get in.
the grounds

This was the first time that I ever visited a House of Representatives chamber, I guess it would be interesting to visit our own chambers while in session. I think, I love the idea. :)

We only went around the Parliament House, and proceeded at the roof. This was where we saw the 81-metre high flagmast which is considered as one of the largest steel structures in the world.
I like this photo!
We stayed at the Queen's Terrace Cafe for our coffee fix, and waited for our bus schedule going back to Sydney. By the way, here's a photo of me in front of the Parliament House.
chubbs! :P

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