Manly Surprises!

November 03, 2013

We thought we won't have time to visit the Manly Beach, but since we availed the A$63 promo for the Sydney attractions, we needed to make time to go and see it. The Manly Sea Life Sanctuary is one of the five attractions. I also thought that the ferry fare was cheaper than the bus fare. But I was wrong, I paid around A$14.40 for a return trip. Despite paying that much, the wifi on board made me feel better. :P
inside the ferry
There were people sunbathing in the wharf area on that day. Hehe.
at the port
It was the Manly Artists Market event for the Manly Arts Festival that art stuff lined the street.
art for sale
We then proceeded to the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary which was hundred steps away from the wharf. Our first stop was the Underwater Sydney area,we saw different fish species. 
Don't mind us. We can fade in the background. :P
Find the Anemone fish!
There's also a rockpool where there are crabs and other species that visitors can actually touch.
medyo eerie feeling when I touched them
We proceeded in the Penguin Cove, and saw Little Penguins.
cute little penguins
Syempre, last but not the least, we went to the Shark Harbour, and had photo op with the shark. :P

After the visit in the Sea Life sanctuary, we went around the beach area and found a place to get our lunch. We ordered fish and chips; and ate near the beach. The take-away price is a little cheaper. :P
However, the beach was very crowded on that day so we decided to leave few minutes later.
super crowded
It was very hot that day, so we gave ourselves a treat at Ben & Jerry's. I tried their chocolate shake, and the A$6.50 was worth every dollar. :P 
But did you know what's the best part of this trip? No,not the chocolate shake, but that's close. :P In the ferry, one has an awesome, unobstructed view of the bridge and the Sydney Opera House! I only realized that once we were in the ferry going to Manly Beach, but we sat inside and failed to score good shots. So on our way back to the Circular Quay, we made sure to sit outside and choose the best spots.
I say unobstructed! :P
But I think, this got to be my best shot of the opera house! :P

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