It's a Snow World!

November 02, 2013

Going to Snowy Mountains was not really part of my Australia itinerary. But really, I don't think that I'd ever say NO to snow? Like never. We were just talking about going to the Blue Mountains when the topic of the Snowy Mountains came up. They said that despite being in Sydney for a long time, they'd never been to the Snowy Mountains. It's a good 6-hr drive, parang Baguio lang. :) So just like that, they've decided that we could pay it a visit on my first weekend. 

But remember that on the Saturday of that same weekend, we went to Bondi Beach and the Sydney Tower? I just didn't mention but we also went outlet shopping in the morning of that same day. Ang haggard lang! So right after going to the Sydney Tower, we went back to our serviced apartment to change and pack our things for the trip. We then went ahead to my Tita's house, and went to her brother's house. Aside from my Tita, Chryss, and me, my Tita's brother's family went with us. We stayed in Troldhaugen Lodge to sleep for few hours before we headed to the Perisher Valley Ski Resort. 

We changed, or rather added more layers of clothing, in the parking area. Hehe. It was so cold.
not outfit ready :P
Cutie Sydney is ready though! :)
We rented recreational ski, poles and boots; and paid A$54 for the afternoon. We also rented gloves for A$7. When we went to get the ski, the woman adjusted it to fit the boots size. 

I looked twice my size, and the boots made walking tremendously difficult. But heck, skiing baby. :P

Let's get it on!
I know that I'm really happy and excited when I smile like this! :)
So we tried to ski, and you know I'm so good in trying out things, but hardly that I become very good at it. :P But who cares, right? At least, once in my life, I got to ski. :) By the way, guess what happened next on this photo below? I won't tell. :P
skiing :P
After an hour or so of trying to ski, we decided to stop and fool around a bit. You could be a kid anytime! :P
My smile says - SNOW. HIHI.
with Chryss
Photobombers! HMP.

Oh by the way, it snowed when we were there! I just hope that I was smart enough to video it. Sayang. I was overwhelmed with the snow that it didn't cross my mind. :S
This trip to the Snowy Mountains made me realized something - that I limit myself. A snow experience never made it on my bucket list. Although, it's one of my unspoken dreams, maybe? When I'm doing my bucket list, I always consider listing down the things that I know are achievable. The snow experience is hardly something that I categorize as achievable. But heck, life surprises us when we least expect it. Maybe, I need to trust myself that I could achieve more than I thought I could. 

For this wonderful experience, thanks to these people! :)

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