Flower Power in Canberra

November 09, 2013

We booked a bus for our Canberra trip on the 28th of September. I was supposed to go on the second week of October, but since Chryss wanted to go too and she had to leave on the first week of October, I opted for the last weekend of September. Okay na din na may kasama ako di ba? :) We paid A$64 each on our Murrays booking. We almost didn't make it, because we just got back from our Saturday pasyal, and had to prep our things pa and went to the Central station. We were the last passengers to get there. We got to Canberra at 10.30pm, and my friend, Divine, was waiting for us. We spent the night on her place.

We left her place early so we could secure a good parking spot for the Floriade, the Tulip Festival. People, even from the nearby cities, troop the Floriade every year. We took our breakfast in the car, and decided to stroll a bit since we were way too early for the event. :P We saw the Captain Cook Memorial Globe too. But got distracted immediately with something that looks a lot the one that we'd really would have wanted to see - cherry blossoms!
such a lookie
The Floriade is the largest floral festival on that side of the planet. The theme for this year's event was Beautiful Innovation. When we entered the place, I got giddy on the beautiful flowers. Flowers everywhere, baby! :)
red is love
me so cute with beautiful flowers lol
OOTD lang. :P
I used to love white roses (not that these are roses).
wonderful garden beds
my favorite of the lot
It took us a little more than an hour to go and check the place. I love flowers, even though I'd always choose letters over flowers, flowers as beautiful as these have special spot in my heart. Naks! I enjoyed the Floriade despite the heat, and it's more likely now that I'd visit our very own Panagbenga one February. :)

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