Getting Lost in Sydney

September 18, 2013

I didn't know that I'm THIS bad at direction! I've been getting lost around Sydney CBD since this Monday. Lol. Well, everything looks the same. HAHAHAHA!

We got here in Sydney last Sunday morning. I was with Chryss, and I'm sharing the apartment with her until the first week of October. My Tita met with us in the serviced apartment. We had rest for awhile, and then went to the nearby cafeteria for a breakfast, her treat. Hahaha. 
with Tita Eden
Since we didn't have plans on that day. We decided to just walk around the city. I like the vibe of the city, it feels like a mix of the old and modern culture. I love the vintage feel!
Queen Victoria Building
with Chryss
We went to Cotton On and I was able to score a blazer, two tops, and two pairs of slippers all for $42. Sulit. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be shopping on my first day in Sydney. But I brought lots of goodies that I had to leave lots of my clothes to accommodate them. Echuses. :P

We also went to the supermarket, and bought few stuff. My Tita invited us for a buffet dinner at Star Buffet in Bankstown, her treat again. :P We had to walk from Chatswood to Roseville (her place) for 30-45 minutes though! We had to meet her brother and his family, and my cousin who I met for the first time. Hehe. The dinner was worth the trouble. :)

On my first day at work, Chryss accompanied me to the office because I have no data. and no phone. My phone is Globe locked, and the Optus sim won't work on it. I met my Sydney team. I had lunch with them, but the welcome lunch is on Friday pa. :P My senior manager treated me coffee. I left the office at 5pm, and it was raining hard that I got lost. I had no way to contact anyone, so I just walked and walked and was even surprise that I was in front of our building. :D

The following morning, I made a wrong turn, and ended up going to the QVB and had to ask around to get to the office. Sigh. I treated myself with a coffee. Lol. We're getting coffee everyday. Looks like they need coffee to start their day, I don't mind. :)) Coffee is around $3.80.

Last night, I went around the city, and checked for whatever I could get so I'll have a data. I was debating on getting a phone, a tablet, or a pocket wifi. I didn't get any last night because it wasn't on my budget, I couldn't convince myself to get one. Hahaha. But tonight, I finally bought a pocket wifi with free 5gb of data, Hopefully, it would last a month. I would have gotten a phone, but I realized that I need the pocket wifi too so I could work on my thesis. But not tonight, okay? :P

I was turista mode tonight, and took lotsa pictures. Looks like some of the people here do art, or sing in public for a living. 
art for a living
I was thinking on my way home that I didn't get lost today. But then, I realized that I ended up going to the Darling Harbour rather than our apartment. Shame on me! The one good thing though is I was able to get a glimpse of Darling Harbour and the nightscape. I am fan of amazing nightscapes. 

This Saturday, we'd be going to the Sydney Tower. They have a promotion of $63 for five attractions. On Sunday, we might go to the Snowy Mountain. Not sure if this would push through though. I hope so. :)

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