July 13, 2013

We booked a Boracay trip on February next year. Tagal pa. I'd be with my college friends this time, siguro naman I'd be able to parasail na. I'm excited. :)

Kilig to the highest level yesterday, I was able to finally book a trip to Hong Kong next year. It would be on my birthday! PhP 2800 lang RT na. :) Thanks Cebu Pacific!! :)

So just in case you're interested to know how I am able to score promo tickets, well it's because of this iOS app. I frequent PhilMug forum, lurker lang, and then I've got to know of this iOS app that would notify you of seat sales from Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, Zest Air, Tiger Airways and Air Asia. I don't like the user interface, but it's kinda doing it's job well. :P  Try to download Airlines Promo app. It's free, by the way. :)

There is another iOS app that would help you check the airfare on various airlines on specified dates. If there are multiple seat sales, I used this to check on which dates I could score a great deal. Try Skyscanner. It has great UI, too. :)

Now these trips make me kilig. HAHAHAHA. 

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  1. nuks! boracay! hehe.. ako sa august 13 - 16,2013 na lols! goodluck samen at tag bagyo yata ng petsang yun..

    next year Indonesia naman.. nakakuha ako kahapon ng Piso fare hehehe :)

    napadaan lungs :)

  2. Dinadownload ko na amproblema wla akong pera hahaha

  3. @Xan Gerna Enjoy the Boracay trip! :P At kainggit naman ang Indonesia trip mo next year. :)

    @Kulapitot Abangers lang ng seat sales, kaya yan! :)

  4. Thanks for using Airlines Promo. =).. We keep on improving our app. hope you support it by sharing it to your friends! -Airlines Promo


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