Happy 5th!!

July 28, 2013

I started today five years ago in Accenture. I attended the two-day new joiners orientation, and on the second day, I was told that I'll be on the Testing capability. When you're a fresh grad, you have no choice but to trust that the HR would put you on the right track. I thought they did. :)

I was on bench for four freaking months, and it was recession during that time. People were being let go. I got scared that I'd leave the company then. But December on that same year, I got rolled in to my first project - Synergy. I spent around three months here, and I got rolled off. I was on bench again for two weeks when my project manager decided to take me back. I was on this project for around two years. This was the project I love the most. My project manager used to tease me that I was his favorite tester. I used to tell him that wasn't true because he gave me a not-so-good rating once. :P But he promoted me twice! I also still go out with my teammates. I cried few times in this project, (1) when I did a boring task, (2) when I wasn't promoted during the recession year (I don't know why I cried because everyone else wasn't promoted too!)

My second project was on night shift. This was the time that I had the promotion, and I passed the certification. I thought I should be doing something else, rather than work as support (Tier 1). If I compare the number of times I cry at work, this would win, hands down! Lol. Despite that, I met friends here and we still go out whenever we have a chance. We also WhatsApp a lot. :)

I stayed at night shift for 11 months, and then I got rolled in to my third (and last) project. I was a little scared that I won't do well because I wasn't been doing any testing for the eleven months prior. But I guess, I did well. I was sent to Singapore for training, and my managers were very supportive of my career. Unfortunately, the project ended after being extended for few times. I went back to bench on December, and then I resigned. 

I started on my new work this January, and I'm enjoying all the ups and downs of it.

Five years ago, I started my journey in the corporate world. I'm still on it. I'm looking forward to many opportunities and friendships to come. Please, no more tears! Lol.

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  1. happy 5th! :) you forgot to make kwento of the friends you gained from bench. choss hahaha


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)