Day 3: Boracay Beach Fun

July 02, 2013

I woke up a little late on my third day. I hurriedly prep myself and went down for my free breakfast. I ordered longganisa, and had the other one packed, I had free breakfast for two. :P
breakfast area
I left the packed one at the room, and went to the beach. :)
Cute ko. Echos. :P
I was a little more comfy alone during this time. I just brought the camera with me, and went to the farthest part of Station 1. Lol. :P
I planned to try parasailing on this day. I was looking for a good price because I had to pay PhP 1500 since I was alone. Lucky me, I found someone that offered me PhP 1200. I told him, that I'll get back at him after lunch. I wasn't sure what I was thinking that I went walking from Station 1 to Station 3. Hehe. Turista mode. :P
But I went back at the hotel for my lunch. Dyaaaraan, the packed breakfast. Sayang kasi. :P Unfortunately, when I went back at the beach for my parasailing, the wind was crazy. We checked if we could go ahead with the activity,unfortunately we can't. :S 
I went back at my room, but decided to go to Real Coffee. No more calamansi muffin that afternoon, so I ordered the brownies and the coffee. The brownies were equally good. I already tried the calamansi muffin before because my manager on my previous project bought some for us.
Real Coffee
I went back at the beach despite the crazy waves. I won against the bed weather. :P
Bring it on!

I stayed at the beach until around 7pm. I met Kuya Jay who was selling me a wood carving. I wasn't really planning to buy, but after his nth time pangungulit, I gave in. 

On my way back to the hotel, I saw these kids doing the I love Boracay sand carving. At medyo na-amaze ako ng bahagya. :)

I stayed at my room on the third night eating the remaining pizza. Kuripot mode. :D Pinanindigan ko ang pagiging good girl. Lol.

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