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June 13, 2013

I have such an awesome day. Our Associate Director talked to me and discussed my probation. He said that I got very good feedback from our AU counterparts. :) The fun part was, he asked on whether they should keep me. I asked lightheartedly if that was a serious question. I was tempted to say that they should keep me because I am good, or rather very good. Lol.

Side story. I was chatting with our dev last Friday and we were talking about stuff. We talked about work, and I told him that this is my second job. I worked in Accenture prior to this. I joked that Accenture guys are very good. He said, 'Yeah, I know you're very good!' Lol. Minsan talaga, ang kapal ng mukha ko. Hihi. :)

I am glad that I get these reassurances that somehow I'm doing okay (hopefully, more than okay) on my job.

There are still a lot of things that I need to learn. I also know that I'm kinda difficult to work with, especially if the person is not at par with my expectation. I believe that I have really short temper. But so far, there are three people on my almost five years of experience that I wouldn't want to work with. The first one was from my second project, I heard that she wasn't happy when I got promoted back then. Lalo daw kasi akong yayabang. Lol. She backstabbed me a lot. Oh, and we're not friends. She blocked me on Facebook. :P 

The second one was from my last project on the previous company. She hated and bullied me a lot. She sent SMS to me at 1 am just to say not-so-nice words. She even called me flirt. I was tempted to file a report to our HR then. Kaso kawawa naman. Well, the third one.. ayun. I'm pretty sure though that they also hate to work with me. :P

I also don't want to work with someone that I am in a relationship with. I was in this situation before and it was very difficult. Muntik na ako magbigti level. Joke lang. I'm a bungisngis person, but when it's work, it's work. I have a bad habit of pushing myself to my limit. I clocked to 15 hours once, pero di na gumagana utak ko on the 14th hour. Lol. When I'm busy working, I am really focus on what I'm doing to that point that I get irritated on unnecessary questions. But don't get me wrong, that rarely happens! :P One of my strengths is multi-tasking. If I am not too busy, I can still chat a lot, and browse. So when I still could check seat sales, I still consider my tasks as manageable. :P Magaling din akong pumetiks! :P Lol. There were also times in the past that I was too confident on my work (and too heartbroken lol) that I'd be drinking at Central with my friends on a Sunday (and once on a weekday) until 3am the following morning. We'd have coffee after, and I'd rushed home to prepare myself for work. Good thing, never pa ako nagka-hangover. :P

Oha, oha. Yun lang. I am hoping not to fail the people who trust me, including myself. I don't compete with anyone, but I usually get disappointed with myself when I am not able to deliver well. High performance, delivered nga eh.. este lumang tagline na pala yun. :P

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  1. oie congrats naman jan. penge ng konting pa petiks style nang masabugan naman ako ng swerte :)


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