Day 1: Boracay Firsts and the Punta Bunga Beach

June 23, 2013

Okay, so now I just had my first ever solo trip. It was my first time in Boracay as well. Cheers!! I wasn't planning to go to Boracay this June, but then Zest Air had their Piso fare, and I got tempted, so I booked. Hehe. I also scored Ensogo vouchers for my two-night stay in Crown Regency Prince Resort.  Since I'll be staying for three nights, I had to find an accommodation for the first night. I tried to find a place near Puka Beach, and found the Boracay Ecovillage Resort. 

My flight got moved twice. Zest Air called me the day before my flight to inform me of the changes. But when I checked my email on the day of the flight, I received a flight advisory that it got moved again. We left Manila at around 12nn. Good thing, I didn't have to wait at the airport. We reached Kalibo at around 1pm. There were many people in the airport offering a ride from the airport to Caticlan. I ignored them. Lol. I went out and saw a good deal for me. :P For a van + boat to Caticlan, I had to pay PhP 250. We left just minutes after I got in. I had to pay PhP 100 for the terminal fee and PhP 75 for the environmental and admission fee at the Caticlan Jetty port. The boat ride from Caticlan Jetty port to Cagban Jetty port took only 10 minutes.
Cagban Jetty port
Look at my shirt! Lol. 
I SMS'd the Boracay EcoVillage people to pick me up. The resort is located at Yapak, so it took us around 20 to 30 minutes to reach it. I proceeded to the reception, and asked about my reservation. She informed me about the shuttle services, and stuff. She said I was their only guest for that night. Hehe. 

Okay, so here was my room. This is a very big room. Like pwede pa ako magtambling. :P 

the room
These are the pools. Nice, right? :)
The Punta Bunga beach and the Puka beach are both accessible in the resort. Punta Bunga beach is only 5-minute walk. I planned to go to Puka beach the following morning. I headed to the Punta Bunga beach after I freshened up. Hihi. Excited much? :P
Punta Bunga beach
Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa
I spent few hours beach bumming and camwhoring. Hirap pala mag-selfie. Tumaas ang respeto ko sa mga mahilig mag-selfie. Lol. :P  I took my dinner in the resort, and headed back to my room. :P 

I paid PhP 1300 for a night in Boracay Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center, shuttle service and breakfast for two included. Good deal, right? I love good deals. Hihi. 

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  1. Never been to Punta Bunga beach, never thought it was this good. And the Boracay beach hotel looks very nice too!

  2. Yes! I really like your story, thank your for posting your Boracay experience to us, I wish I can go to Boracay.


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