June 08, 2013

It's my birthday. :P I am 28 today. Gosh, I am that old. :) I had a sorta pre-birthday dinner with Chona yesterday. We talked about a lot of things such as family, friends and stuff. Feeling ko tuloy, may birthday blues nga ako. :D

I spent my birthday at home with the family today. Sana lang the kids were home too. Si Butchik lang nasa bahay. :) I bought Shakey's pizzas and Red Ribbon's ultimate chocolate cake for the birthday girl. :) Ganun lang. I am a simple person, I have a simple life, and I'm happy that simple things can still give me so much joy. ;)

I posted this as my birthday status, and I realized that I had almost the same message a year ago. Aha, so I'm still way far from my goal then! :D
I also received quite a number of birthday greetings. I am surprised that I received more SMS than Facebook greetings. My birthday notification is off for years. Hihi. I also got a number of birthday tweets and Instagram comment plus Viber and What's App messages. I have generation gap to the world, hahahahahahaha!! 

I am honestly grateful to family and friends who I do not have to remind about important things about me. I have issues like that! HAHAHA!! 

So I'm 28. I'd like to travel and travel and travel to places I can afford. Matagal-tagal pa ang Paris. :) These days, I don't feel relevant. I'd like to be able to do something again that matters. I hope I could find a regular volunteer work, or something. :)

Thank you Lord for being 28. :)

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  1. naks belated 3 in 1 + 1 Happy kaarawan! ^_^

  2. sorry. :P nafeel ko ang bitterness mo. hahaha! happy birthday teh. sama ko sa paris. :*

    1. Okay lang teh, maunawain ako. :P Pag-ipunan na natin ang Paris, like piso per day? :P MISS NA KITA!!


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