Still at Day 2: White Beach

June 30, 2013 Tsina 2 Comments

I left the Boracay Ecovillage and the shuttle service dropped me off in the Crown Regency Prince Resort at Station 1. I got a little disappointed because it is not beachfront. Well, I knew then that it wouldn't be a beachfront, I just didn't expect that it was a little far from the beach. I got there at around 1pm. I left my bag at the counter since the check in time would be at 2pm. I went to the White Beach to find myself a place to eat. Okay, the first I noticed was the sand which was impossibly fine. Lol, I'm easy to impressed. But I couldn't miss that there were lots of people in the area, which is good for tourism, but bad for my soul-searching. :P
White Beach
My chubbyness!! :P
So I went looking for a place to get my lunch (while pa-smile smile for picture), and found Ti Braz. My friend said I should try eating here, so I did, I ordered their pasta, which was a little good. 

I went back at the hotel after my lunch, and checked in. Despite my early disappointment, I kinda like the room. I knew then that I'd have a very comfortable stay. :D 

the reception area
the room
I changed, and went back at the beach. There were really many people (or anti-social lang ako? :P) at the beach so I tried to find a good place to stay. I decided to stay in front of The District because there were fewer people here.

I went swimming for couple of hours, and then decided to go back at the hotel. I was thinking whether I'd drink or not, and then decided to buy a box of pizza and be Lola mode for the night. I'm such a good girl. :P

from my IG - @tsiina :P


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June 29, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

Perhaps, it is the mysterious air on him. But maybe, I like him more when he smiles.  When he smiles, I see a child that's ready to discover the world.  I fall. Yes, I speak of gravity. I will speak of gravity until it helps you find me. 


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Day 2: Puka Beach Love

June 25, 2013 Tsina 1 Comments

So yeah, Puka beach did not disappoint. Swear. I've read a lot of good things about Puka beach, and that was the main reason I settled at Boracay Ecovillage for my first night. I wanted to be at the beach first thing in the morning on a free shuttle service. :)

The following morning, I woke up early and took my breakfast. The shuttle service brought me at the Puka beach. Pero picture muna syempre. :P
at the reception area
It was around 10 - 15 minutes before we get to THE Puka beach. Syempre, picture ulit. :P
The PUKA beach
Oh, I honestly love it here. The sand wasn't as fine compared to the White Beach. But I love the idyllic mood. Feeling ko, sa akin lang yung buong beach. Puka beach is reminiscent of Calaguas. Well, for me. :)

I beach bummed here big time. Since there were few people at Puka beach, I was able to enjoy just lying in the sand for few hours. Like a boss!! Sarap!
my view :P
I stayed here for a couple of hours. When it was time to go, I moved to the shade while waiting for someone from the resort to pick me up. :)
I love Puka beach, and if ever I'd visit Boracay again, I'd prolly stay here most of the time. This is the place for me. :)
This is life! :)


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Day 1: Boracay Firsts and the Punta Bunga Beach

June 23, 2013 Tsina 2 Comments

Okay, so now I just had my first ever solo trip. It was my first time in Boracay as well. Cheers!! I wasn't planning to go to Boracay this June, but then Zest Air had their Piso fare, and I got tempted, so I booked. Hehe. I also scored Ensogo vouchers for my two-night stay in Crown Regency Prince Resort.  Since I'll be staying for three nights, I had to find an accommodation for the first night. I tried to find a place near Puka Beach, and found the Boracay Ecovillage Resort. 

My flight got moved twice. Zest Air called me the day before my flight to inform me of the changes. But when I checked my email on the day of the flight, I received a flight advisory that it got moved again. We left Manila at around 12nn. Good thing, I didn't have to wait at the airport. We reached Kalibo at around 1pm. There were many people in the airport offering a ride from the airport to Caticlan. I ignored them. Lol. I went out and saw a good deal for me. :P For a van + boat to Caticlan, I had to pay PhP 250. We left just minutes after I got in. I had to pay PhP 100 for the terminal fee and PhP 75 for the environmental and admission fee at the Caticlan Jetty port. The boat ride from Caticlan Jetty port to Cagban Jetty port took only 10 minutes.
Cagban Jetty port
Look at my shirt! Lol. 
I SMS'd the Boracay EcoVillage people to pick me up. The resort is located at Yapak, so it took us around 20 to 30 minutes to reach it. I proceeded to the reception, and asked about my reservation. She informed me about the shuttle services, and stuff. She said I was their only guest for that night. Hehe. 

Okay, so here was my room. This is a very big room. Like pwede pa ako magtambling. :P 

the room
These are the pools. Nice, right? :)
The Punta Bunga beach and the Puka beach are both accessible in the resort. Punta Bunga beach is only 5-minute walk. I planned to go to Puka beach the following morning. I headed to the Punta Bunga beach after I freshened up. Hihi. Excited much? :P
Punta Bunga beach
Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa
I spent few hours beach bumming and camwhoring. Hirap pala mag-selfie. Tumaas ang respeto ko sa mga mahilig mag-selfie. Lol. :P  I took my dinner in the resort, and headed back to my room. :P 

I paid PhP 1300 for a night in Boracay Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center, shuttle service and breakfast for two included. Good deal, right? I love good deals. Hihi. 


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Work Kwento

June 13, 2013 Tsina 1 Comments

I have such an awesome day. Our Associate Director talked to me and discussed my probation. He said that I got very good feedback from our AU counterparts. :) The fun part was, he asked on whether they should keep me. I asked lightheartedly if that was a serious question. I was tempted to say that they should keep me because I am good, or rather very good. Lol.

Side story. I was chatting with our dev last Friday and we were talking about stuff. We talked about work, and I told him that this is my second job. I worked in Accenture prior to this. I joked that Accenture guys are very good. He said, 'Yeah, I know you're very good!' Lol. Minsan talaga, ang kapal ng mukha ko. Hihi. :)

I am glad that I get these reassurances that somehow I'm doing okay (hopefully, more than okay) on my job.

There are still a lot of things that I need to learn. I also know that I'm kinda difficult to work with, especially if the person is not at par with my expectation. I believe that I have really short temper. But so far, there are three people on my almost five years of experience that I wouldn't want to work with. The first one was from my second project, I heard that she wasn't happy when I got promoted back then. Lalo daw kasi akong yayabang. Lol. She backstabbed me a lot. Oh, and we're not friends. She blocked me on Facebook. :P 

The second one was from my last project on the previous company. She hated and bullied me a lot. She sent SMS to me at 1 am just to say not-so-nice words. She even called me flirt. I was tempted to file a report to our HR then. Kaso kawawa naman. Well, the third one.. ayun. I'm pretty sure though that they also hate to work with me. :P

I also don't want to work with someone that I am in a relationship with. I was in this situation before and it was very difficult. Muntik na ako magbigti level. Joke lang. I'm a bungisngis person, but when it's work, it's work. I have a bad habit of pushing myself to my limit. I clocked to 15 hours once, pero di na gumagana utak ko on the 14th hour. Lol. When I'm busy working, I am really focus on what I'm doing to that point that I get irritated on unnecessary questions. But don't get me wrong, that rarely happens! :P One of my strengths is multi-tasking. If I am not too busy, I can still chat a lot, and browse. So when I still could check seat sales, I still consider my tasks as manageable. :P Magaling din akong pumetiks! :P Lol. There were also times in the past that I was too confident on my work (and too heartbroken lol) that I'd be drinking at Central with my friends on a Sunday (and once on a weekday) until 3am the following morning. We'd have coffee after, and I'd rushed home to prepare myself for work. Good thing, never pa ako nagka-hangover. :P

Oha, oha. Yun lang. I am hoping not to fail the people who trust me, including myself. I don't compete with anyone, but I usually get disappointed with myself when I am not able to deliver well. High performance, delivered nga eh.. este lumang tagline na pala yun. :P


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June 11, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

I'm getting used to not seeing you everyday. I would look at your workstation and see that vacant space. I wouldn't see you during lunch, nor would I see you at breakfast. I am used to seeing you Offline on the Office Communicator. Of course, there's no Facebook account that I could check you on. I wouldn't know how you're doing, nor would I see  how you might (and you should) be enjoying your long vacation. Funny, right? This is how it feels liking someone who doesn't know you.

What's worse than this feeling? Well, it's learning that he has someone else on the eve of your birthday. Great. Just great.


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June 08, 2013 Tsina 4 Comments

It's my birthday. :P I am 28 today. Gosh, I am that old. :) I had a sorta pre-birthday dinner with Chona yesterday. We talked about a lot of things such as family, friends and stuff. Feeling ko tuloy, may birthday blues nga ako. :D

I spent my birthday at home with the family today. Sana lang the kids were home too. Si Butchik lang nasa bahay. :) I bought Shakey's pizzas and Red Ribbon's ultimate chocolate cake for the birthday girl. :) Ganun lang. I am a simple person, I have a simple life, and I'm happy that simple things can still give me so much joy. ;)

I posted this as my birthday status, and I realized that I had almost the same message a year ago. Aha, so I'm still way far from my goal then! :D
I also received quite a number of birthday greetings. I am surprised that I received more SMS than Facebook greetings. My birthday notification is off for years. Hihi. I also got a number of birthday tweets and Instagram comment plus Viber and What's App messages. I have generation gap to the world, hahahahahahaha!! 

I am honestly grateful to family and friends who I do not have to remind about important things about me. I have issues like that! HAHAHA!! 

So I'm 28. I'd like to travel and travel and travel to places I can afford. Matagal-tagal pa ang Paris. :) These days, I don't feel relevant. I'd like to be able to do something again that matters. I hope I could find a regular volunteer work, or something. :)

Thank you Lord for being 28. :)


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