OK. It's May

May 01, 2013

It's already May, and a month before my birthday. Oh, I feel so young. :P Update update muna habang hindi busy. :) 

Okay, I have NOT been to any beach this summer. Shame. THAT Cagbalete trip I was telling you is obviously a drawing. We just had lunch at Yakimix, and then they watched a movie. I didn't join them because I was scheduled to see the Script concert. :)
Lunch with Amazing
So after the lunch, I went to my place to change, and headed to Araneta Coliseum for the Script concert. Ampogi ni Danny, promise! :) The awesome performances, and the great crowd made it a superb concert. Pardon the lousy shot, though. :P
The Script
The following day, I went to my brother's graduation. Finally. :) I gave him an HTC phone as a gift. Buti naman natuwa siya. :)

I wasn't able to join the Pinatubo trip, because I fell asleep. We were supposed to meet up at 2am, but night before that, I had dinner + movie + coffee with Carla, Cora and Jeng. We watched It Takes a Man and a Woman, bonggels ang kilig. BIG WORD. So there. Sorry na lang ako sa Pinatubo. 

The Club Balai Isabel summer outing got moved to Fontana. Sayang. I've been to Fontana when I was still in college. I was the VP of the Social Science Club and they let us join the faculty outing. Hihi. Still, I enjoyed my first ever summer outing on my new company. :) Not to mention that I got to see BB a lot. :)
L-R Ara, Tsina, Kit, Joseph, Merian, Dino

Why so blurred? :P
No, I didn't get so lucky to have a photo with BB. Artista lang ang peg. :P

So, as I've said, it's almost my birthday. I booked a solo trip to Boracay on June 15 - 18. Yebah! :D You read it right, a solo trip. I've been wanting do this ever since, but never got the chance to. But now, when Zest Air had their Piso Fare promo, I grabbed the chance and booked myself. :) I also grabbed this Ensogo promo, and I will be staying in Crown Regency for 3days/2nights. But I still need to find a cheaper accommodation for my 1st night. You all know that I am a budget traveler, this is already a splurge for me. :P

Plus I think, we'd be in Ilocos this May. Apple wanted to go ahead with this trip. Jusmio. I am purita mirasol na. But since I've been wanting to try sand surfing, sige na nga.

I'm back on track. I'm excited, baby. :))

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