May 17, 2013

So, just because I'm sad tonight.. I have this song on Repeat mode.

Mind you, this is one of my favorite songs, but somehow.. there are certain days when this song can make me really sad. Like today. :S

Maybe, it's because of work. I'm feeling a little tired lately. I've been rendering long hours nowadays. Yesterday, I was at the office a little past 7am, and I went home at 10pm! I even had a working lunch. I've been doing that for quite a while. I don't really mind long hours at work. Work is something that I know I'm good at. I don't mind giving my 100%, but of course.. my body couldn't say the same thing. :S 

Maybe, it's school. I have completed all my subjects.. but my thesis. Yeah, I didn't get my sablay last April. I need to finish it ASAP, else.. :S

Maybe, I have regrets. I don't want to entertain this thought. It was one of the hardest decisions I made in my life, and I don't even want to think that I made a mistake. I had a clear direction on where I was before, I know where I would want to go, and then I decided to quit. I had the best support and the best opportunity, but I chose to leave. Now, I think I went few steps down and I had to climb up back again. But at this very moment, I could hardly see where I'm going. 

Maybe, it's him. There are days when looking at someone you like makes you sad. This is one of those days.

Well, nevermind. This is stress.. talking!! :P

** video from YouTube

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Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)