May 29, 2013

It's been almost a year. I wrote about you a lot of times. But when we had a fight (one of the many fights we had), you told me to delete them, and never to write about you again. I did.

But today, I'd like to write about you. You were once the very special person in my life. You made me smile when I'm sad. You would make face on your car's side view mirror because you knew it would make me laugh. You were the only person who'd sing for me. You wrote songs for me. I once wrote you a letter thanking you for loving me, and for accepting my flaws. These were the happy memories.

The fateful night that I walked away from you, I decided to live. I cried the entire night. I fought for you. But then that night, I realized, the fight was against you, and I could not win. When I left you, I had to pick myself up again. When you pour yourself to someone, and the glass breaks, you'd end up breaking yourself even more.

It's been almost a year ago. It was a tough time forgetting you. When you met me, I was the type of person who was comfortable with her flaws. But I became insecure. I thought it was all my fault, as you claimed, that we broke up. I thought it was my fault. I thought I was lacking. It took me months to win myself back. But I guess, time heals all wounds. I won this fight against myself.

But I guess, despite all the odds we had, I still have to thank you for making me strong. I am not sure what's the point of writing about you. Maybe, it's a reminder on what I've been through, and the lessons that I should have learned from it. I learned to live. I learned to love myself more. I am smiling again.

I hope you're happy now. We all deserve to be. As for me, I'm sure someone would come along. He might not sing for me, nor would he write songs for me. But I'm sure (and I pray), he would love and respect me. 

This is gonna be the last time that I'd write about you. 

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  1. Goddamit, what's with all the failed relationship posts these days? Am I supposed to see a sign here or something? Should I be distracting myself? Turn a blind eye?

    You see, I am looking at what you were looking at a year ago. I am hopeful, yes, but... sigh, what's with all these posts these days?

    Hello Tsina, I am writing again, and this time, it will be regular. Friday evenings and regular.

    Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh.

  2. Can we talk? You know what my skypeid is. I'll be waiting.


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