May 29, 2013 Tsina 2 Comments

It's been almost a year. I wrote about you a lot of times. But when we had a fight (one of the many fights we had), you told me to delete them, and never to write about you again. I did.

But today, I'd like to write about you. You were once the very special person in my life. You made me smile when I'm sad. You would make face on your car's side view mirror because you knew it would make me laugh. You were the only person who'd sing for me. You wrote songs for me. I once wrote you a letter thanking you for loving me, and for accepting my flaws. These were the happy memories.

The fateful night that I walked away from you, I decided to live. I cried the entire night. I fought for you. But then that night, I realized, the fight was against you, and I could not win. When I left you, I had to pick myself up again. When you pour yourself to someone, and the glass breaks, you'd end up breaking yourself even more.

It's been almost a year ago. It was a tough time forgetting you. When you met me, I was the type of person who was comfortable with her flaws. But I became insecure. I thought it was all my fault, as you claimed, that we broke up. I thought it was my fault. I thought I was lacking. It took me months to win myself back. But I guess, time heals all wounds. I won this fight against myself.

But I guess, despite all the odds we had, I still have to thank you for making me strong. I am not sure what's the point of writing about you. Maybe, it's a reminder on what I've been through, and the lessons that I should have learned from it. I learned to live. I learned to love myself more. I am smiling again.

I hope you're happy now. We all deserve to be. As for me, I'm sure someone would come along. He might not sing for me, nor would he write songs for me. But I'm sure (and I pray), he would love and respect me. 

This is gonna be the last time that I'd write about you. 


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Target: Get a New Tat!

May 23, 2013 Tsina 4 Comments

I want a wrist tattoo!! :)) I know, I've said before that I won't be getting another one. Gusto ko lang!! :)) I browsed Pinterest, and I'm considering this design. 

I think, I'll get that come June, or July. But I think I need to find a new tattoo shop. I checked the tattoo shop where I had my first one, but it's already closed. I hope to find a new one soon!! :)

Hihi. I'm excited!! :)


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May 17, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

So, just because I'm sad tonight.. I have this song on Repeat mode.

Mind you, this is one of my favorite songs, but somehow.. there are certain days when this song can make me really sad. Like today. :S

Maybe, it's because of work. I'm feeling a little tired lately. I've been rendering long hours nowadays. Yesterday, I was at the office a little past 7am, and I went home at 10pm! I even had a working lunch. I've been doing that for quite a while. I don't really mind long hours at work. Work is something that I know I'm good at. I don't mind giving my 100%, but of course.. my body couldn't say the same thing. :S 

Maybe, it's school. I have completed all my subjects.. but my thesis. Yeah, I didn't get my sablay last April. I need to finish it ASAP, else.. :S

Maybe, I have regrets. I don't want to entertain this thought. It was one of the hardest decisions I made in my life, and I don't even want to think that I made a mistake. I had a clear direction on where I was before, I know where I would want to go, and then I decided to quit. I had the best support and the best opportunity, but I chose to leave. Now, I think I went few steps down and I had to climb up back again. But at this very moment, I could hardly see where I'm going. 

Maybe, it's him. There are days when looking at someone you like makes you sad. This is one of those days.

Well, nevermind. This is stress.. talking!! :P

** video from YouTube


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Let's Go!!

May 08, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

Budget travel is love. I have few more trips this year, and early next year. Mark booked a Bacolod trip with me and David. We are trying to challenge ourselves to stick on a PhP 5000-budget. I booked a Kuala Lumpur trip this January. Tagal pa! I asked Reg or Tin if I could stay in their place. Para tipid! I'm excited to visit Legoland, and the Hello Kitty Town. :)) So I have Boracay on June, Dumaguete on November, Bacolod this December, and KL on January!! Yey! Now, I must start to save!! I need to finance my trips! :))

I've been trying to be more independent these days.. and that explains my solo trips! Well, it's harder to convince friends to join me on my trips. Some of them are married, and have changed their priorities. Some of them are in a relationship, and have changed their priorities, too (at least on travel buddies). There are few of my friends that I already lost in touch with. There are very few that I used to be very close with, but when I left the company, we got demoted to being Facebook friends. Shame!

I am getting old. I need to be able to do things on my own. I'm clingy, you know! :P Okay, tungkol kasi ito sa budget travels ko, bat may drama? :D Basta, I also want to be able to visit Hongkong, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea aaannnddd Paris, Paris, Paris! But why so expensive? :S

I found this on Facebook, very fitting, ayt? :))


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My First Letter from My Sponsored Child

May 01, 2013 Tsina 4 Comments

I love getting snail mails. Or rather, I love getting letters in general. I love writing short notes, too. :) There was a time when I'd write short notes on Post-Its and then placed it on their monitors. Nothing too fancy, just simple note. Wait, it's like the notes Laida put on Miggy's coffee mug... that sort of things. 

So when I got my first letter from my sponsored child, I got giddy. At this digital age, I still get a snail mail. :) 

Aside from the fact that I'm a fan of snail mails. I feel happy that I know I am able to help others. I would like to share her short letter.

I started the child sponsorship only last March. I should have done this a long time ago. :) I am able to help someone fulfill her dreams, and for me, it matters a lot. I hope I can do more. I hope we can all do our share. :) Click this link to sponsor a child. :)

** I am not really sure on whether I could share the letter. If not, let me know, I'll take this blog post off.


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OK. It's May

May 01, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

It's already May, and a month before my birthday. Oh, I feel so young. :P Update update muna habang hindi busy. :) 

Okay, I have NOT been to any beach this summer. Shame. THAT Cagbalete trip I was telling you is obviously a drawing. We just had lunch at Yakimix, and then they watched a movie. I didn't join them because I was scheduled to see the Script concert. :)
Lunch with Amazing
So after the lunch, I went to my place to change, and headed to Araneta Coliseum for the Script concert. Ampogi ni Danny, promise! :) The awesome performances, and the great crowd made it a superb concert. Pardon the lousy shot, though. :P
The Script
The following day, I went to my brother's graduation. Finally. :) I gave him an HTC phone as a gift. Buti naman natuwa siya. :)

I wasn't able to join the Pinatubo trip, because I fell asleep. We were supposed to meet up at 2am, but night before that, I had dinner + movie + coffee with Carla, Cora and Jeng. We watched It Takes a Man and a Woman, bonggels ang kilig. BIG WORD. So there. Sorry na lang ako sa Pinatubo. 

The Club Balai Isabel summer outing got moved to Fontana. Sayang. I've been to Fontana when I was still in college. I was the VP of the Social Science Club and they let us join the faculty outing. Hihi. Still, I enjoyed my first ever summer outing on my new company. :) Not to mention that I got to see BB a lot. :)
L-R Ara, Tsina, Kit, Joseph, Merian, Dino

Why so blurred? :P
No, I didn't get so lucky to have a photo with BB. Artista lang ang peg. :P

So, as I've said, it's almost my birthday. I booked a solo trip to Boracay on June 15 - 18. Yebah! :D You read it right, a solo trip. I've been wanting do this ever since, but never got the chance to. But now, when Zest Air had their Piso Fare promo, I grabbed the chance and booked myself. :) I also grabbed this Ensogo promo, and I will be staying in Crown Regency for 3days/2nights. But I still need to find a cheaper accommodation for my 1st night. You all know that I am a budget traveler, this is already a splurge for me. :P

Plus I think, we'd be in Ilocos this May. Apple wanted to go ahead with this trip. Jusmio. I am purita mirasol na. But since I've been wanting to try sand surfing, sige na nga.

I'm back on track. I'm excited, baby. :))


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Dick and Teddy

May 01, 2013 Tsina 0 Comments

It's few days before the elections, and I'd go for Dick and Teddy. I'm still thinking about Hagedorn, Angara and Poe. Rappler did the talking for these candidates, for Dick and for Teddy. I'm really hoping that they win. :)


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