March 10, 2013

SSS is impressive. Hihi. I applied for my SSS ID last year, 12/28 at my province. The SSS branch near my place has the ID capture machine. I got my ID by early February. Goodness, that was fast! I was expecting to get it in six months to a year! 

Well, applying for the SSS ID was a breeze too. I was just trying my luck if I could apply. I didn't bring anything. Good thing, I had my ATM and school ID with me. Yes, you read it right, my ATM. Apparently, ATM is a valid proof of identification. When I got there, I asked the guard about the ID application, and he gave me the E-6 form to fill up. I filled it up, and waited for few minutes to present my ATM and school ID. After they verified my form and ID, I waited for my turn on the ID capture machine. The guy who took my photo didn't show it to me, good thing, when I got the SSS ID, I looked decent. HAHAHA. 

You can print the E-6 form at home, and then head to the nearest SSS branch. You can download the form here. The SSS ID will be mailed to your home. If you'd like to monitor your SSS contributions or loan applications, you can sign up in the My.SSS. I created my account there a long time ago, and I find it very useful. 
grabbed from SSS website
My passport would have expired this March, so I opted to renewed it last month. I heard that passport renewal is a lot easier now. Guess, that's true. 

1. Schedule your passport application/renewal online
grabbed from
2. Print the forms.
3. On the day of the appointment, bring your expiring passport, photocopy of the front and back sheets of your passport, and the printed forms.

Yep, that's it. Just make sure to arrive on time. I scheduled mine in SM Megamall at 4:00 pm. I arrived on the dot! Hihi. I handed over my requirements, and went to get a number. I waited for my number to be called which took me at least 30 mins. On the first station, the staff checked my requirements, and invalidated the old passport . I headed on the cashier next to pay. I paid PhP 950. I opted for the regular one, and pick up only. It's just in SM Megamall, I can manage to pick it up. I can go shopping afterwards pa. Hihi. :) The last station would be for the encoding of the details, I signed a document to verify the accuracy of the information, and affixed my thumbmark. This took me almost an hour. They took my passport photo as well. And I'm done. I'll pick up my passport on the 15th. For the complete details of the requirements, you can check it here, and the passport fees on this link.

I feel so grown-up. :P

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  1. Good for you, you got your SSS ID so quickly. Mine actually took more than a year to arrive. Haha.

    I also renewed my already expired passport last January. I did not book an appointment though, since I renewed it in a provincial consular office. I had to try twice since apparently, you have to queue up before the crack of dawn just to get a number, and then there were only limited slots. Oh well. At least the renewal itself was pretty quick, just like you described. :)

    1. Lucky for me really that I got the SSS ID quick.

      I think the DFA appointment systemt is efficient, I spent only more than an hour in the whole process.:) Next time, try mo din. :)

  2. saang branch ka ng sss nag apply? nakuha mo na din agad that day?


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)