Give up Something, and Sponsor a Child

March 10, 2013

I've put this off for the longest time. When I was still connected with my previous company, I promised myself twice the time that I got promoted that I will sponsor a child in World Vision. But I've never got around to. I always have bills to pay (and mall sales), and all the lame excuses in the world. But this time, I finally signed up. Maybe, I just have to give up a thing or two. What are you willing to give up to help? :)

Based on their website, World Vision aims to share and demonstrate the love and compassion that Jesus Christ extended to all people, especially to children, particularly to those living in poverty or suffering from oppression and injustice."  They have this program called Sponsor a Child. You can help send a kid to school for PhP 600 per month.
grabbed from World Vision Philippines
I went ahead and signed up. You have the option to pay PhP 600/monthly, PhP 1800 quarterly, PhP 3600 semi-annually, or PhP 7200 annually. I chose to pay monthly. :) You also have the option to sponsor either a boy or a girl, I chose a girl. The donations can be coursed through your credit card, bank deposit or check. I opted for the bank deposit. 

They sent me an acknowledgment email, and I paid for the PhP 600 through bank deposit and emailed them the deposit slip. They emailed me back to ask if I want my sponsorship manual, Thank You letter and picture profile of the sponsor child be sent through postal mail, or email. I opted for the email. :) Digital age, guys. Hihi. I was also eligible for the free candies, which I chose to send to my sponsored kid. :)
World Vision candies
My sponsored child is a girl from Aklan, she's on high school - 3. Good thing, I checked the picture profile again now, because I was supposed to get her a Barbie for her birthday on May 5! I thought she was on grade 3. Hehe. I might get her a book instead. :) 

I find it too time and effort consuming to send the deposit slips monthly so I asked how I can auto-debited it on my BPI ATM. Here are the steps:

1. Login to BPI Express Online.
2. Navigate on Payments & Reloadings> Bills Payment> Enroll All Other Bills.
3. Input your ATM details in the Enrollment of Bills (other than Credit Cards or Loans) window.
4. Select World Vision Development Foundation.
5. Input your reference number. This should be provided on your Thank You kit. 
BPI Express Online
6. Click on Submit button.

Once you have enrolled WVDF. You have to schedule recurring bills payment.

7. Navigate on the Payments & Reloadings> Bills Payment> Scheduled Bills Payment> Schedule Bills Payment.
8. Provide scheduled payment details.
9. Click on OK. 

Easy, right? Now, I don't have to email the deposit slip monthly. :)

I feel so happy about this whole thing. I had three scholarships back in college from Sangguniang Kabataan (I was an SK councilor, hihi.), Governor's office and Mayor's office.  I got them every start of the semester. These helped a lot. By signing up in World Vision, I feel that I'm giving it back to the community. Well, aside from that, I believe that education is very important. I would want every kid to get their education. If possible, finish college. It is not enough that one can read and write, we have to be able to catch up and compete with other countries in terms of education and skills. Dami kong sinabi! :P

So, give up four frappe a month, and sponsor a child. I did. ;)

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  1. Hi there, Tsina! Thanks for sharing your World Vision sponsorship story. May you continue to touch and inspire more hearts! God bless you :)

    1. Yay. I really hope that I could inspire people to help. :)

  2. kakainspire talaga :) astig nmn gusto ko din ng ganito mag sponsor ng mga bata

  3. great story, i think all children deserve an education and access to running water. I sponsor through plan and hope others around the world would consider sponsoring a child. Its the least we can do in this day and age. XOXO

    1. I honestly think this is the least I can do as well. It would be great if every kid has an access to quality education. :)


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