March 10, 2013

Hihi.The past weeks had been really uneventful. I was focus on adjusting to my current work that I lost track on other things, but that would be another story. :)

But right now, I think I have few things that I'm looking forward to that I would like to share to you, guys. :) 

The Pinatubo trip that was scheduled today has been cancelled. But we'll move it on April 7. I'll be with my forever travel buddies, Apple and Dwin, plus Apple's friends! Extra lang talaga kami ni Dwin, hahaha! Kwento on this soon. :)

Jonathan is arriving from UAE, and we're planning to have a quick pre-summer getaway in Cagbalete. It is slated on March 30 - 31, summer na yun noh? :P I hope this one would push through, everyone's been very busy with their lives at the moment. Catch up, catch up din, pag hindi busy. :P

Okay. I like The Script. I am never the super fan of anyone, any band, or anything. Auhm, except HP. :P But I like The Script. They'd been with me when I was so down and out. Breakeven, anyone? :P I dedicated one of their songs to a special someone, I'm Yours. Listen to it, it's pretty good. :) The #3 album has the brilliant song Six Degrees of Separation, sapul na naman. :P Okay, just to make the long story short, I bought a ticket to their concert in Manila.. just an hour ago? Hihi. I've been looking forward to their concert, but didn't buy the ticket right away. I got disappointed when I could no longer buy it online. But tonight is the night. I was browsing the Concerts in 2013 topic in Girltalk, when I remembered checking Ticketnet. Behold, Patron and Upper B are available. I couldn't afford Patron, so I got the Upper B. I don't care, as long as I could hear them sing live, that would be wonderfully fine. :) I'm so excited.

So, after that busy weekend, my brother's graduating on the 1st of April. I'm happy and proud sister. :) I planned on giving him a new laptop or a new watch, but he told me that he wants a new cellphone. Why oh why? A new laptop should be better, especially because I can use it. Hehe. But a cellphone? He used to be contented with a Nokia.Sigh. Might get him the S3 Mini, or a Experia. I always love the form factor of Experia. :)

I'd be on Club Balai Isabel on April 13 for my first company summer outing. Hmm, it's BB time! BB is my suplado crush. More on him soon, kung magkakaron ng more! :P

I have another gala scheduled. Hihi. This is supposed to be my pangarap na solo trip. But I told Jelai and EA that I'd be going to Dumaguete this November. They booked, too. I'm so happy. But they'd be leaving on Sunday morning, and I'd be back on Manila on Monday afternoon. I still have time for soul-searching! CHOS! :P

I love it that I have few things to look forward to. What about you? Anything you're excited to do in the next months? :)

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