February 10, 2013

Wassup, baby? :P

I'm one month on my current work last Feb 7. Yebah! :P I've been surviving Makati and my schedule, so far. :) I'm getting used to traversing the malls. Wahaha! :P I am tempted to buy stuff every freaking day. HAHAHA. 

I used to take a cab in the morning, but decided that the bus is far more practical. Imagine, 100 PhP vs 12 PhP. I'd go for the latter. :) I'm on tipid mode. 

I take my lunch either in the canteen at the 4th flr of our building. Or in the North Park/South Park. These are in the parking areas. Hehe. Or sometimes, we'll buy in the JolliJeep and eat in the pantry. My lunch costs me 50 PhP to 70 PhP. My teammates are helping me to save. Hihi. 

During the splurge days, I'll have to get a frappe or a milk tea. I'm trying to make Friday just the splurge day. :) 

I drew up a budget plan for the entire year.Yeah, I did this before, and failed big time. I'm hoping that I'll be able to stick on my budget. Hehe. :) I'm planning to leave the ATMs and the credit cards at home. 

Vision board update. Yihee! I've started working on it. :) I asked my friend, who'll be coming home from US this March, to get me a red Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive in Amazon. He sent me a photo this morning. It's 1TB instead of 500 gb. Yey! :D

I started sponsoring a child on World Vision. I didn't have the profile of the kid yet. I only paid for the first one last week. :) I'll have more kwento about this soon. I feel happy that I'm finally doing it. I've been putting it off for the longest time. :) If ever you're also interested to sponsor, it's only 600 PhP/month. You can sign up on this link.

Lately, I've been wanting to learn how to drive. I think, I'm going to add this on my vision board. But this should be an end of the year goal. :) I'll enroll in a driving school come November/December. :) 

So that's it pancit. I'll try to work harder for my goals. :)

* Image grabbed from World Vision Philippines.

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  1. happy for you teh. gusto ko rin magsign-up sa world vision pag may work na ko ulit. keep inspiring people. hehehe. :P

  2. stumble upon your blog from apple....:) a new follower nga pala...:) well, good luck on your budget, sana eh ma achieve mo...:) You have a very kind heart to sponsor a kid..:) love ko yan...:) good luck on driving..well, good luck to us....plan ko rin mag driving lessons...:) Nakiki close ako agad noh?...hehehe


    1. Thanks, sis. Mag-sponsor ka na din. :) Sa November ko pa plan mag-driving lessons. Sana matuto ako. LOL. Good luck din sayo. :)


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