My 2013 Vision Board

January 04, 2013

Oh yeah, it's 2013 already! By the way, I did tell you that I'm loving Pinterest, right? Well, I created a secret board, it's my vision board. :P But I would like to share it to you, most of these are err things. Oh, don't judge me, please. :)
Please click to enlarge. :)
Let's start with the small things. Hehe. 

- replacement Dell laptop battery
- 500gb external harddrive

I gave my laptop to my brother, and the battery is busted already. I already asked for a quote on battery, and they said it would cost me PhP 5500. Tsk. Since I gave away my laptop, I need to get myself an external harddrive. I checked in Cyberzone, and 500gb costs around PhP 3500. I blogged before that I'd like to get a Macbook, but I think I won't be able to use it as much, so I settled for an iPad instead. :D

- Magalawa Island, Zambales
- Ilocos
- Boracay
- Hongkong

For this year, these are my target destinations. Although I'm hoping to have more trips this year. Vacay is love. :)

- complete set of Harry Potter books

I'm a forever fan of Harry Potter, and it's a shame that I still don't have a complete set. :P

- Technomarine watch
- Michael Kors bag
- Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote

I'm eyeing the Technomarine watch. Luho lang. Hihi. I'd like to get a Michael Kors bag and reward myself an LV bag. Hmm, I must be able to do something big this year to deserve the reward. HAHA.

- sponsor a child in World Vision
- bank savings
- investment
- sablay

I marked in red heart the important things for me. I'd like to start sponsoring a child in World Vision. I've been planning to do this for a long time, hopefully, this should be the year.

I need to start on my savings, and must be able to save at least 20% of my basic. I'm getting old. :P I think I'd start on my investment for my dream home too. 

Most importantly, I'd get my sablay this April pretty please? :)

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  1. kainggit! makapagplano na nga rin ng buhay :P

  2. Natawa ko sa "please dont judge me"

    Wow. hindi lang pang sarili mo ang pinagpplanuhan mo, pati yung para sa iba. :) Sana matupad lahat ng plano at gusto mo sa buhay.

    1. Hihi. Salamat, sana nga matupad lahat ng plano ko sa buhay, pati yung plano ko sa ibang mga tao. :D

  3. Great Vision Board! Here's to getting everything that's good for you in 2013!

  4. yay for vision board! Those were reachable sis, and I know you can reach them.

    Good luck! :)

  5. I like your vision board! I can see some items in your list as things I wanna accomplish, too:

    - external hard drive
    - complete set of Harry Potter books
    - vacation
    - world vision
    - investments

    Good luck!


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)