Goodbye, 2012!

December 31, 2012

So that's it, goodbye 2012! I had a good year. :)
I started my 2012 with our Mindanao leg. We had so much fun beach bumming in White Island (Camiguin), sorta-flying in Bukidnon and rafting in Cagayan de Oro. It was an awesome trip with my favorite travel buddies. :)

Last March, I left my second project (and my life at night :P). I was with the project for 11 months, and I made lots of friends here. We still go out during the weekends for coffee (more like coffee after few drinks in Central :P) I went with them in a quick Puerto Galera trip, and David Cook concert.

In the same month, I was rolled-in to another project. I was sent to Singapore on this one for a short training. This project provided me lots of career opportunities. Since I worked in the client site, I had a chance to work face-to-face with the clients. I became more careful on my dealings with people, and learned to live up with our tagline, High Performance. Delivered. Hihi. Seriously, I think I'm better prepared for more challenging projects in the future. :)

For my summer getaways, aside from the Puerto Galera trip, I went with Apple and Dwin to Pamarta Bali. Infinity pool love. :P

I had very tough time managing school, despite that, I'm proud to say that I passed our comprehensive examination. We took the exam last August, and got the result by the end of September. Yiheeee! :P

Since summer is forever (Peram ng line mo, Apple!) we went to Calaguas last October. Finally a dream come true. Hihi. It was a long hours of travel, but oh so worth it. :)

December. After 4 years and 5 months with my company, I finally decided to leave. I am more than thankful for the opportunities that the company provided me. I had the best managers/mentors, and I look forward in working for this company in the future. I just owe them everything. :) 

Come January, you'll find me in the streets of Makati. :) I'm hoping for a great year ahead. :)

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  1. "High Performance. Delivered."

    Accenture is that you? Haha.

    Happy New Year Tsina! :)


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