I Fall in Love with Calaguas

November 20, 2012

Tell me, would you like to lie down in this white sand while looking at the blue sky? :)
Calaguas, baby!
We've been wanting to go to Calaguas, and I've mentioned that here in my blog every now and then. We would have plans, but we would end up cancelling it. But Apple pushed this trip. I usually create the itinerary for all our trips. But not this one. Maybe, Apple thought I wasn't serious in going. :P

I thought, it would be just me, Apple and Dwin again. But fortunately, we were able to convince Juni to join us. Monica and Ruel (Apple's friends) joined the trip as well. I don't think Apple had a hard time arranging this trip though. I'm sure, all she had to do was to contact Melvic. Hihi. Peace, teh! :P
Calaguas buddies!
We initially planned to get the 3days/2nights package, but due to the bad weather, we were forced to get the 2days/1night trip. We paid Php 3200 each which included the land transfer, boat transfer, tent, camp meals, life jackets and DRINKS. :P

We left Cubao at 9pm of Oct 26. We were expecting a long ride, so we tried to catch some sleep. We got to Daet, Camarines Norte at around 7am. We took our breakfast at Jollibee because breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day were not included in the package. At around 9 am, we left for the island via a boat.
With Ruel and Monica :)
sun protection c/o Apple :P
We were expecting a 2-hour boat ride, but due to the bad weather. We arrived in Calaguas at 1pm. The waves were crazy that day. I puked. Such a wimpy kid. :| 
the boat felt like a surfboard :S
We left Cubao at 9pm the previous night, and arrived at Calaguas at around 1pm the following day, so that was a total of around 16 freaking hours. There was no signal in the island. I wasn't able to check in Facebook. :P No aircon accomodation. No comfortable bed. But for something this amazing, I wouldn't think twice of going through that again. Calaguas is so worth it. :)
Sobrang ganda! :)
When we got there, I was surprised to find some cottages. I thought the island is bare. We put our things in one of the cottages while we beach bummed. They (the organizers) prepared the food, and put up the tent for us. We felt like kings and queens. :)
our tent :)
Ruel taught me how to play frisbee while we were waiting for the food. :)
Natuto ako mag-frisbee, promise! :P
When the food was ready, we devoured it like hungry wolves. Kidding. :P But we had a buffet, and the food was good. Although, I'm so easy to please when it comes to food. :P

When we've been fed and watered, we did what we do best - beach bum and pictures. :P 
I fell in love with Calaguas :)
swimming :)
All the camp meals were included in the package. After we had our dinner, we took a quick shower (ala tabo). We went to the socials.They setup a mobile bar at night, and we all got free drinks. :P 
mobile bar :D
We had a little heart to heart talk to cap our night. :P We went surfing in Bagasbas the next day. But let's save that on another blog entry. :P

I fell in love with Calaguas. Who wouldn't be? :P

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