I'm Everywhere

September 08, 2012

.. except on Facebook. :P Well, technically, I'm on Facebook. But I recently deactivated it yet again. No, I am not hiding from anyone. But I think, I just got bored with Facebook. :D

I used to maintain only one social networking site - Friendster. I was so loyal to my account that I declined all the invites from other sites. I loved Friendster. I still do. I downloaded my information when they've decided to turn into a gaming site. I miss the Who's Viewed Me. Of course, I miss the testimonials. :P It was fun to get kind words from friends until it turn all glittery that I had to disapprove them. :D

My friend invited me in Facebook back in 2010. I was so bored in the office that I signed up. From then on, I experienced all sort of changes that Facebook had. Mark even got married already. Facebook had their IPO. Facebook is on Timeline now. 

This isn't my first time to deactivate my account. But I must admit that I log in once in a while when I want to buy something online. I am a fan of online shopping, you know. :) Facebook invaded the World Wide Web that it is forcing me to log in before I could view the stuff that I want. *sigh*

My Facebook-less life is not as bad as I thought it would be. I am still connected to the world in some sense. Hello, I have Twitter. I love it! :P
Twitter - @tsiina
Ironically, I am careful on approving friends on my Twitter. But I do accept friends of friends and blogger friends. I am Twitter friends with my cousins, classmates, college friends and colleagues.Twitter is my ranting and kilig space. When I get disappointed over something, I tweet. When someone bullies me, I tweet. When I get a chocolate from my crush, I tweet. When I finally end up with him, I will tweet. But that's another story. :P

I am also on Instagram. Instagram is for photo sharing. You can take a picture, apply a filter and share to everyone. My profile's public, by the way.But I hardly share drool-worthy pictures. :P
Web viewer of Instagram - @tsiina
I've been on Google+ way before I signed up in Instagram. But I hardly post here. When I do, it's about something that I couldn't say in Facebook or Twitter. It is usually something big. :P Remember, Twitter is my ranting space. If I couldn't post it in Twitter.. hala, alam na! :P I only have very few friends here and they are mostly my classmates in my masters. :)

Recently, I joined the Pinterest bandwagon. I don't share here. I just repin the pins. :P Look at my Tattoo Love folder, it could be my inspiration for my next tattoo. :D
Pinterest - @tsiina
Yep, I am enjoying all these. When I get home from work, I will have few minutes to an hour of tweeting. When it feels like a bad day, I have few minutes to an hour of Pinterest-ing. :P I don't get that de-stressing feel in Facebook anymore, that's why I left. :P

10/09 I've been on Facebook again since last week. :)

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  1. wala na ako sa instagram ever since nawala yung ipod ko hehe

  2. gusto ko mag instagram din pero hmp! need to buy a new phone pa for that appliction...so for now I'm happy with twitter and my fb:)


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