Not so Perfect Life

August 16, 2012

I'm done with my compre! Hurray!! Here's to hoping that I won't need to retake it. :P We will get the results in two months time. Tagal!! 

We went to Tina's house for a post compre celebration. Haha. I've been out of the radar for few weeks, but I was glad to spent few beers with them. We left at around 2 am. :D
High pass! :D
Now, I have to concentrate on my research project. I actually have to start it naAnong petsa na? :D

I have another exam tomorrow, an internal certification at work. I haven't checked my notes yet, I'm still downloading it at the moment. :D Sigh. When will I change? I'm the queen.. Queen of Cramming. :P

There is a very long weekend coming in but I might be working on those days. I'm fine with it, I'm fine with the holiday premium, too. :D

By the way, someone is bullying me, and I'm trying my best to ignore it. I'm such a bully magnet. :| Well, the good thing is there's someone constantly reminding me that I'm doing well with my work. I'm happy. :D

Life is not perfect. But who cares? I am not perfect. But I am happy. :D

* Thanks Gonz and Karol for the pictures.

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  1. I like that
    "Life is not perfect. But who cares? I am not perfect. But I am happy."

    Super like :)

  2. ay gusto ko yung last phrase, alab it!!!!



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