Week 29

July 21, 2012

Last Saturday, I watched the David Cook concert with Jayce, Prince, Bev and Erlie. It was the first time that I paid for a concert in Araneta. :P Prince is the uber fan. 
and the band!
We had dinner at Bellini's in Cubao Expo after the concert. I've been wanting to eat here, really. I was glad that we were able to try that night. This was the same restaurant in the movie One More Chance of my loves, JL. We had two shots each of their sweet wine. We loved it! :P
Popoy and Basha! :P
I had a dinner with my super friends last July 18 at Blufish in Eastwood. It was quite expensive, but the crabs were great! :P It was a rant day! Hahaha! I love them. :)
With Dwin and Apol

I had another dinner last Friday. But this time, I was with the team. :) It was my second time in Just Thai. I love Thai food. Pad thai for the win! :P
team dinner

It was an awesome week with my friends. :) For this coming week, I'd be having dinner with my batchmates. It would be for our 4th year anniversary at work! Yebah, my love-hate relationship with my company is the longest I have. :P Mas matagal pa sa mga relasyon ko. :D

By the way, we're planning to go to Calaguas this August. Probably during the long weekend, finally! I'm so excited! :D I can imagine the white sand already. :)

*Thanks Prince for the Cook's picture.

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  1. di ko lam nanood ka ng concert. haha!
    calaguaaaasss! :D :D

    1. Hahaha. Onga, di ka naman mahilig sa ganun. Calaguas naaaaaa! :P

  2. Hi, Nice post! I noticed a broken link on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point it out to you.




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