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July 28, 2012

Yey. This is my 4th year on my current company. This is also my first job after college. I tried few times in the past to leave and find a greener pasture. But I realize, it's not always about the money. :) In four years, I got promoted twice, and certified twice. I'm hoping to get a promotion next year. :D *goal setting*

Yesterday, I had dinner with my start group in Superbowl of China. The attendance was a big improvement from last year. :P We talked about a lot of things, mostly work stuff. :P
batch dinner :D
So there, I am still counting. :P

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  1. wow.... CONGRATS for your four years in work :) God Bless sa next promotion, hehe

  2. wow congratulations on your promotion sana ako rin mapromote hehe :))

    1. Haha. Goal ko next year. Di yata ako promoted ngayon. :)

  3. congrats!=D more years to come. and more promotions to attain. =D

  4. Replies
    1. Hahaha. Sabi ko na nga ba eh. Look me up! Lord name ko. MagSeseptember na, promote ka na naman. :)


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