Summer in Puerto Galera

June 24, 2012

Okay, I know, this one's a bit late. But we went to Puerto Galera last March! Wahaha. :P

I had a quick summer getaway with my friends from my previous project - Jayce, Erlie, Bev and Kim (Bev's sister). Regina was supposed to be joining us but she changed her mind the last minute. HMP. I was looking for a vacay during that time so I forced them to join me in Galera. I think, that would be a better option than another night in Central. :D

We were supposed to leave early on Saturday but Bev's shift was until 8am. Auhm, I also woke up late, so was Jayce who was on vacay leave the previous night. So lo and behold, we left Manila at around 10am already. We paid around P145 for the bus fare from Cubao to Batangas port. We were able to watch the cringe-worthy Moron 5 and the Crying Lady. I slept half the time. :P When we reached the Batangas port, we bought a roundtrip ticket already and paid around P500. I have a side-kwento by the way. Someone approached us when we were waiting for the ferry and offered us a room at the White Beach Hotel for a very cheap price to accommodate the five of us. We didn't have a reservation anywhere, and the offer was too tempting so we paid for it already. But when we reached the hotel, they said that we were offered a very cheap price for the room. The person managing the place also told us that there was no available room for us. He was showing us another room which was a lot different from what we paid for. We didn't like his attitude, and he was pretty irritating. Jayce was disgusted at him so he called the owner. We didn't stay there but rather took our payment, and left. So at around 2pm, we were still searching for a place to stay. Good thing, we were lucky to get another one. We stayed at Myra and Medelaine's Place and paid P3000 for all of us which already included the few hours extension. :D We left at around 4pm the following day. :)
Summer Friends. :D
Hey, Galera!
So off we went to the beach even though we missed the sun already. It was still fun though. :)
With Bev and Erlie! :)
With the gels. 
After few hours in the beach cam whoring, we went back in our room to change. We were getting hungry by this time. Jayce brought us in the front seat so we could watch these shows.
Night of fun!
Galera by night!
Auhm, I have a confession to make. I've been actually thinking if I'm going to share this with everyone. But OMG, I got drunk that night, and that was the first ever!! Thanks to the Mindoro Sling!!! 
the culprit
I was so drunk that I forgot my Havs in the beach. Jayce was also drunk. :D We bought a pair of slippers the following morning. Hehe. 

Thank heavens, I didn't have a hangover. So we were back in the beach after we had our breakfast. They tried the banana boat but I wasn't able to because the other group that joined us were already six, and they needed only a group of ten. So, I was their official photographer. :P
Banana Boat
We had few hours of fun under the sun before we snapped back to reality. :P It was just a very quick getaway, but fun just the same. :) 

Myra and Medelaine's Place

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  1. I want to experience Banana Boat myself hehehe

  2. waaah. banana boat. gsuto ko ring masubukan yan. never been to galera or even boracay. grabe ako lang ata ang walang matinong summer. hahaha

  3. cute nung last photo.... i want to have advnture din, at nang hindi lang nasa baguio hehehe

  4. Hi Tsina! I fine your story interesting and would like to try the place. Do you happen to have the contact number of Myra and Madeleine's Place Resort? If you do, can you please let me know the details. Thank you!

  5. Anu number ng resort? Thank in advance for the reply.

  6. do u have a contact number for Myra & Madelaine's Plece? Thanks!


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)