Sentosa Day and More Fun in Singapore

May 26, 2012

I'm not done yet!! I still have few more Singapore stories to tell. Hahaha. Sorry for the hiatus, I just got really busy at work. Well, busy is an understatement, really. :P

Now, on with my story!! On Saturday of my second weekend, Eli went with me in Sentosa. Instead of riding the Sentosa Express, we opted for the boardwalk. Para tipid ng S$3. :P
Sentosa Boardwalk :)
It was a long walk. I got a little tired, actually. Okay, I got a little more than 'little' tired. :P I'm getting old. Gaah. We went around Sentosa immediately. :P Pero syempre, dapat may map muna! :)
And here's the map! HAHA! :P
Eli was my photographer and my tour guide. :P He was blabbing about this structure inspired by the works of his favorite artist, who I could not remember now. :D
Camwhoring! :P
We then went to Palawan beach! Wahaha, they have their own Palawan but, with a very big BUT, our Palawan is way better! HAHA. Competitive lang. :D
Singapore's Palawan beach :)
You know that I have a thing with hanging bridges. :D
Okay, Sentosa, fine! :P
We left Sentosa and rode the Sentosa Express. During the ride, I thought I lost my phone. Gaah. Good thing, it was just stuck somewhere in my bag. Thank God! :)

We then went to Chinatown. Pasyal  galore dapat. :)

We saw so many things in Chinatown. I haven't been to Chinatown here in the Philippines, so no comparison really. I bought some key chains here for pasalubong, hehe. :P I also bought a very cute iPhone case which I haven't used yet because I feel like it's quite tight. 
I am a star! :P
We then went to Mustafa Centre for my pasalubong. Gosh, chocolates overload dito!! :P After few hours of counting my friends and my dollars, we were able to buy few pasalubongs. :) We headed back in the hotel and had dinner in Gluttons Bay! Yey, not bad for a Saturday! :D

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  1. di ko napuntahan yung stone carving na sentosa pati yung sa boardwalk. pati palawan beach. mukang saya kumuha ng souvenir pic dun


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)