My Singapore Mall Hopping Weekend

April 28, 2012

I know, you wouldn't believe it but I spent my Saturday morning on my first weekend in Singapore looking for a laundry shop. HAHA! Lucky for me, Eli went with me. We found Laundromat in the internet, a coin-operated laundry shop.
I spent a little less than S$10. Fair enough, I guess. :) We went around mall hopping after. We also went tiangge shopping in Bugis. :))
Gusto ko lang itong picture na ito. :p
After the Bugis shopping, Eli left to meet up with his friends, and I had dinner with Jenny, my college friend, in Sentosa. After the dinner, we went back in the hotel, and Jenny spent the night with me. Kwentuhan to the max lang! :p
Jenny Ann and Tsina
On Sunday, we went mall hopping again. We went to the bonggang the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. We were also able to see the Rain Oculus. :)
Olympic Walk
Mall lang ito, promise!
Sa loob ng mall ito!! Hehe.
We had konting Kodak moments, too. We also went to the Art Science Museum and they had the Titanic exhibit which costs around S$30. I regretted not going in during that time. Kuripot kasi! :(

We then went to Funan Mall. Daming gadgets! I did not buy any. Totoo! :p To end our mall hopping weekend, we went to hear a mass in St. Andrew's Cathedral. 
St. Andrew's Cathedral
Singapore has more malls than I could imagine. There were times that I wasn't aware anymore that we were on a different mall already. My first weekend could have been better spent if only I planned my itinerary. But I was too consume with work. Naks! I tried checking the net and came across this Time article - Singapore: 10 Things to Do. I was able to visit some of the places mentioned here. But of course, I didn't went to Singapore for a plastic surgery. LOL. But kidding aside, I still enjoyed mall hopping and bought a thing or two for myself. :p

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  1. Did you eat lots of Singapore dishes like chili crab, ice cream sandwich in Orchard, Old Chang Kee or have a cup of bubble tea? :D

  2. ngaun ka lang po ulit nagpost hehe


  3. *inggit* e nasan na yung pasalubong ko? :P

  4. ngayon ko lang sinapuso ang SG stories mo teh. hahaha! asan na nga yung pasalubong ko? :D

  5. @avagabondmom Yes, was able to try the ice cream sandwich only. Hehe.

    @theGasolineDude Sayang, SG ka nga pala. :)

    @TR Aurelius Super busy. :(

    @Superjaid HAHA. Astig talaga, lalo na yung 'cruise'

    @Apple Teh, nandito pa. Nakalimutan ko ibigay nung nagkita tayo. HAHA.

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