Day 3: Rafting is my Thing

February 26, 2012

Booooo! It's been more than a month after this trip and I haven't finished my kwentos yet. Anube, I'm so tamad! #not I was just very busy with my career woes and school paper. Gawd. Just thinking of my overdue papers makes me want to go back in Bukidnon to zipline while shouting my heart out. Profanity included. Wahaha. *just kidding* 

So after the very exciting zipline adventure in Bukidnon, we did another adventure, but this time in Cagayan de Oro. You know, the ever famous white water rafting. :) Part of our tour package with Brenda was the white water rafting with the The Red Rafts. We arrived from Bukidnon just in time for a very delicioso lunch prepared by the people from The Red Rafts. Super sarap! We had our sea food fix - grilled tuna belly and shrimps. We also had chicken inasal, softdrinks, bottled water and banana. 
Sarap!! (grabbed from Apple)
We rode a jeep going to the starting point. From there, we wore our vests, helmets and tons of sunblock lotion courtesy of Apple. :p With Apple on the trip, I had everything I need, sunblock lotion included. 
I was dark na even before we started. :P
Okay, I just wanted to show that I was wearing my oh so reliable top which I wore on my Sagada trip and Dalampasigan team outing, too. Kidding aside, make sure you're wearing long-sleeved shirts to protect you from the sun. Otherwise, bring rash guards. 
REaaaaddyy! :p
Our guide gave us a pep talk before starting the whitewater rafting adventure. He gave us a lecture on paddling. Hmm, I think I'm ready to join the dragonboat club at work. :p During the rafting itself, we had three guides with us plus the photographer on a separate boat. We took the basic course with the 14 rapids, and they told us that the most difficult rapid would be the one on the 11th. 

So, how is this whitewater rafting? Well, to start the rafting experience, the guide will tell you to "lock your feet"  in the raft pocket. Then, the paddling will begin which must be synchronize with the counting. Each time you're done with a rapid, the guide will shout "high five". Ooops, make sure you'd be smiling all throughout the adventure because kuya, the photographer, will always be around taking your pictures using his drool worthy DSLR. Lock your feet, smile, paddle, smile, high five, smile. Ang fun lang. We got our dose of adrenaline rush. 
On our first rapid and the bring it on moment :p
The High Five
On areas where the current are not strong, the guides will let you go down the raft and swim. I tried once. But since I was just nagpapanggap na swimmer, I had a hard time going back on the raft. 
I was that far from the raft!
The guides told us that the formation of the rock changed after the Typhoon Sendong so they had to be used to again to the rapids. Still, the white water was very exciting because of the occasional paddling and non-stop whining. :p Anyhow, I think when you try the white water rafting adventure, just go with the flow. Feel the current, and move your body with it. Take it from me, I'm a rafting expert now. :p Ooops, I forgot to mention that *ehem* our raft never overturned and no one from the group fell off the raft. :)

And that's for our Mindanao leg!! Now, I owe you the itinerary and expenses. I will try to squeeze that on my very toxic schedule. Promise! :) #itsmorefuninthePhilippines

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