Camiguin: Chillax sa Bahay Bakasyunan

February 12, 2012

I travel on budget. For me, I just need a place to stay while I explore the place of interest. It doesn't need to be fancy, but it has to suit my budget. :)

Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin (BBC) looks fab in their website. Add the tagline "The Premier Resort Vacation of the South". Kaboom. Can we afford that? :p But it's been months after our last vacation, so why not indulge a little? :p Kuya Teddy quoted us for a tour package plus BBC accomodation. Shoot sa banga ang budget. :)

We arrived a little late on BBC since we did the countryside tour already. We were too tired so we did not get to explore the resort during that time. But even at first glance, the resort exceeded our expectations. We stayed in the hammock stargazing though. Saya. :)
In the morning, we were able to see what BBC has to offer. I thought, I was still browsing their site. Ganda lang. :p We had photo ops by the hammock finally. :p
Forgive my bagong gising look. Bagong gising talaga ako niyan. :p
We had a hot choco to jumpstart our White Island bumming. We brought our breakfast in the island, remember? Then, after being sunkissed in White Island, Kuya Teddy offered to take us to Katibawasan Falls, but we chose to stay in BBC. Minsan lang mag-feeling richie rich, lubusin na. :) We were supposed to check out by 12nn but we asked if we could stay longer in the resort. They agreed, the downside though was we need to take our shower in the common restroom. We didn't mind. We felt like we owned the place and we got to enjoy BBC all by ourselves.
Woot, woot. :)
We spent our time swimming and sleeping in the hammock on our three-hour extension. Syempre, photo ops galore pa din. :)
Smile lang ng smile. :)
We then took our bonggang lunch in their Oceanside Bar  & Grill. Bakasyon mode talaga. :p
Lunch time! :)
Our stay in BBC was just short. But we all loved the vibe of the resort. The staff were very accommodating and the food was excellent. Plus point pa, solo namin yung place. Sabi ko nga sa twitter, babalik kami. ;)

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  1. Hi sis! I hope this is not too much of a hassle to ask, but can I ask your contacts, itinerary and budget for your CDO-Camiguin tour? We're going there on July kasi. Thanks in advance!

  2. ay may hammock saya naman niyan. sana makapunta din ako dyan someday. hirap maging estudyante puro libro alng hawak. kainis.

  3. @ Bee Within this week, post ko na yung itinerary and expenses namin. :p

    @ Superjaid HAHA. Pag working ka na, you can travel all you want. Ngayon, study muna. :)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)