Lesgow, Mindanao!

January 23, 2012

It's been awhile since my last trip. Finally, I was able to get a well-deserved break from work and school. Yehey! It's the Mindanao leg this time! :) 

I did the last minute itinerary for this trip. We were a bit hesitant to push through a vacation in Cagayan de Oro feeling that it might be a little insensitive considering the recent calamity that hit them. But according to Brenda, our CDO local contact, white water rafting is operational since Christmas. 

Hello CDO, the City of Golden Friendship with my friends!!
Kuya Gammy picked us from the airport at around 10 am. Flights got delayed. By the way, Jelai, EA and I flew with AirPhils, but Apple and Dwin took Cebu Pacific. Apple and Dwin were late for their flight so they needed to get another flight. Re-booking is more expensive.

We reached the Balingoan port at around 1pm. We paid the ferry ticket and the terminal fee. Ferry left at 1.45pm, and Kuya Teddy, our Camiguin local contact, picked us in Benoni port at 3pm. :) 
Hello Camiguin!
We started our countryside tour and stayed in Bahay Bakasyunan in Camiguin. We beach bummed in White Island the following day. Short but sweet stay in Camiguin. Watch out for my Camiguin stories. :)
Good morning, Camiguin! <3

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  1. wow ayus ang sunrise... it's more fun to travel here in mindanao... hehehe

  2. @Superjaid Yep. Ang ganda di ba? I love it. :)

    @TR Aurelius Super!

    @KikomaxXx Super. Gusto nga namin bumalik. :)


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