Day 1: Camiguin Countryside Tour

January 31, 2012

Did I mention that I went straight from work to the airport? Well, I dropped by my place to pick up my things and changed. I was hoping to get to Camiguin really early to take a really good bath. But to my horror, Kuya Teddy suggested that we proceeded with the countryside tour. Haggardness. :| 

From Benoni Port, we started our countryside tour immediately. The first stop was the Sto. Nino Cold Spring. Cheers to instant but oh so cold bath that I've been waiting for. 
Ready now? L-R Dwin, EA, Apple, Jelai, Tsina
Yun lang, you'd freeze cold with the water. But so what, we were haggardness na! :p
Sto Nino Cold Spring
Our next stop was the Gui-Ob Old Church Ruins. Kuya Teddy showed us the old chapel, the bell tower, and the century old tree. 

If you are familiar with that creepy local movie, Ouija, then you might have seen our next destination - the Sunken Cemetery.
We're getting there!
If you notice that rope in the picture, that was what they used to transfer us. I'm not kidding. Practicality wise, that would be quicker and easier. Believe me, look!
Kailangan may photo op sa bangka, Teh Apol?
The Sunken Cemetery is an interesting place. But creepy, yes. Maybe because it's a cemetery. According to Jelai, it's a good spot for photo op to capture the sunset though. She's the photographer in the group, she should know. :p Anyway, the guides had so many picture tricks but only Dwin tried them. Well, I did try the one with the paddle, but it didn't come out as good as Dwin's. So erase erase erase.
Moment ni Dwin :p
Last stop was the Walkway to Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross. We just stayed here for a minute or so for a group picture. We were too hungry by this time. We then went to the Terrasse International Ristorante. Okay, they made us wait here big time. But oh well, the food was awesome. We loved the pizza. We had yummy seafood pizza, cheesy cordon bleu, sweet and sour fish, bulalo and lechon kawali. It was really worth the wait. :)

Now, that was a jam-packed first day. We headed then to Bahay Bakasyunan in Camiguin which was simply awesome. More on that on my next posts. :p

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  1. naks naman!
    pero creepy yung sunken cemetary pramise!! hehe

    oh btw, here's my new link sa blog ko, baka hindi niu po maaccess eh

    happy traveling!


  2. sarap namang pumunta dyan lalo na dun sa cold spring. pero interested din ako dun sa sunken cementery

  3. The place looks awesome! Looking forward to your next post. See you later ;-)

  4. haha! natawa naman ako teh. at parehas pa talaga tayo ng title. :P

    tara balik na tayo sa bbc. :)

  5. @ T.R Aurelius Creepiness, yes! :p Pero visit mo when you go to Camiguin, ok? :p

    @ Superjaid Super lamig sa Cold Spring (kaya nga daw cold spring!) :D

    @ Anonymous HAHA! Thanks! Balik ka dito. :)

    @ Apple Ginaya kita, teh. :p

  6. very informational, im going to camiguin ds coming april hollyweek planning to get kuya teddy's package. sa pabualan cottage nalang kami magstay mahal kasi sa bbc eh.



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